In the accident in which 16 people lost their lives in Gaziantep, the injured told the moment of the incident.

GaziantepThose who were injured in the accident that took place in , where 16 people lost their lives, told the moment of the incident.

Working as a cameraman in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Communications Department and Nizip State HospitalBekir Özdemir, who was being treated in .

Explaining that a vehicle flew into the creek, they saw one person die, and they helped another person, Özdemir said, “We called 112, the police. We were putting the injured person in the ambulance. I was walking around in front of the ambulance because there was no room. When I got back, I looked up and saw the passenger bus coming staggering and overturning. I shouted, ‘The bus is coming, run away’, I don’t remember what happened next. The ambulance probably hit me with a crash.” he said.

Police officer İbrahim Halil Şen, who was treated at the same hospital and intervened in the accident that occurred on the road, stated that they took all precautions when they arrived at the accident site, they removed a seriously injured person, and that he saw the bus slipping over and skidding. Expressing that someone shouted that a car was coming and threw himself out of the barriers, Şen said, “The ambulance probably slipped over the barrier and passed over us.” said.

He got off the bus on his own

Muhsin Çelik (34), who was on the passenger bus, said that he was traveling from Istanbul to Diyarbakır, that there was an accident on the road and that he saw the medical teams intervene in the accident.

Çelik said, “The bus skidded due to the liquid flowing from the vehicle that made the accident. The floating bus hit the people in the area where the accident took place. I was not unconscious and I got out of the accident bus myself. I went to the side of the road. The teams were removing the passengers from the bus. Then they brought us to Abdülkadir Yüksel State Hospital. My condition is good now.” he said.

Serhat Tanrıkurt, one of the bus passengers, stated that he went from Istanbul to Diyarbakır, that the bus began to shake and drift, and that he did not remember what happened next.

In Gaziantep, a passenger bus hit the teams that intervened in the accident vehicle, and 16 people, including 4 health workers, 3 firefighters and 2 journalists, lost their lives.

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