Interesting advice from the British doctor: Eat insects with high protein content to protect nature

“Would you like an extra cockroach salad with your menu for only 2 liras?”

It may sound strange to hear this question when you go to a restaurant in today’s world, but British doctor Indroneel Chatterjee has been feeding on locusts and similar insects at lunch for about 7 years and has been encouraging other people to eat bugs.

Dr. “If you fry them and add teriyaki sauce, they taste really good,” Chatterjee said. says.

Dr Chatterjee, also a consumer psychologist at Oxford Brookes University, is doing some research to encourage people to include insects in their daily diets and to encourage society.

Consuming insects every day for nearly seven years, Dr. Chatterjee says, “I can happily eat bugs even if they’re huge. It doesn’t matter to me that they look disgusting.”

More than 2 billion people in the world eat insects

Eating insects is called “entomophagy” in the literature. It is known that more than 2 billion people in the world, mostly living in Asian countries, eat insects.

Dr. According to Chatterjee, insects are not just a food product that makes daily snacks delicious. In today’s world where the climate crisis is experienced, feeding with insects also plays an important role in protecting the environment.

“Animal protein is one of the most unsustainable sources of protein in the world. Because as you know, cattle in particular emit significant amounts of methane gas into the environment. Besides, they destroy forests to raise animals. All these elements are harmful to nature.”

20 kg of food is consumed for 1 kg of animal protein

To get 1 kilogram of protein from an ox, the same animal needs to consume about 20 kilograms of food. But the same is only 1.7 kilograms for insects. Cold-blooded animals also consume less water and grow much faster than livestock.

Dr. For example, Chatterjee notes that crickets only need 6 weeks to mature for food, while an ox takes about 6 years to raise and feed, and this whole animal husbandry cycle.

Protein content in insects is higher than in meat.

More importantly, insects consume much more natural nutrients than livestock. In addition, the amount of protein per gram in crickets is higher than in large or small cattle.

For example, apple worms contain more omega-3 than salmon. Another example is the fact that the amount of vitamin B2 in black flies is higher than the amount in milk, which is among the details that attract attention in terms of nutritional values ​​of insects.

What is the best way to eat insects?

Dr. Chatterjee states that after the climate crisis, many people started to believe that insects are natural and healthy foods that do not harm the environment, but consumers still hesitate to turn to this type of food when it comes to the appearance and taste of insects.

Dr. Chatterjee says, “For example, up to 25 percent insect flour can be added to cooking dough. Cricket flour tastes and smells very similar to chocolate, and it’s one of my favourites. Many people say that cricket flour smells like popcorn or nuts.”

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