Is it possible to have a low budget holiday in Dubai?

When one thinks of Dubai, which has become one of the most important business centers in the world, the first thing that comes to mind is magnificence and wealth. But the city has much more than these two things. Many attractions that money can’t buy, including the majestic Hacer Mountains in Hatta, are waiting to be visited.

We have compiled some of the places and activities you can do in Dubai without spending a lot of money.

mountain hikes

A blog presenting some of Dubai’s best hiking trails, founder of The Road Reel, tells us about the tourist potential in the Ausra Osipaviciute Hajar Mountains. The guide, who lives in Dubai, says the area has “wonderful” mountains for people to hike and explore. He also underlines that there are hiking and mountain biking trails where some exercise can be done.

Saying that there are many tracks with different difficulty levels and lengths, Osipaviciute states that there are roads with a total length of approximately 32 kilometers, the shortest of which is 1 kilometer. “There are color grades according to the difficulty level on these tracks,” says the business woman.

Osipaviciute thinks it would be helpful to get out on the trail before dawn and drink plenty of water: “Make sure you wake up at 4am and hit the trail at 6am. It might be better to start earlier. Because the weather gets really warm soon. Number one thing for preparation. water. You should always have enough water. So you need to take at least two liters of water for short or long walks, and five liters for 15 kilometers, for example.”

“Art for All”

The town of Hatta is one of the most important stops to explore Emirati history. Even Heritage Village preserves its centuries-old rural way of life opposite the iconic Hatta Castle.

In the afternoon, you can also change your pace and go on a rewarding museum tour of Dubai’s various art venues. The Jameel Art Center in Al Jaddaf is one of Dubai’s contemporary art institutions that hosts world-class exhibitions that can be visited free of charge all year.

Director Antonia Carver believes the concept in the museum is “art for all”.

“This place is now known as Dubai’s Museum of Contemporary Art and we organize exhibitions, solo exhibitions, group exhibitions,” said the director, noting that the museum has a library, children’s workshops, a sculpture park, movie theaters and artist gardens. Stating that all exhibitions can be viewed free of charge, Carver shares the tips of the latest exhibition by saying, “We currently have a wonderful ‘Your Era’ exhibition that explains how technology affects us humans, how we become online data, and how artists interpret this new world we are all trying to navigate.”

Illuminated water shows

Another famous event in Dubai is the free light water shows. Just across from the Jameel Arts Center is the Festival City’s Imagine, made up of water, music and light. On the outskirts of Dubai, it is possible to see the Dubai Fountain. The creator of the world-famous building is Bellagio Fountain, who has signed important projects in Las Vegas.

You can rent the local abra boat at Burc Lake and enjoy the light and water show at night while rowing.

The world’s largest Palm Fountain at The Pointe is another sightseeing stop. Spreading over an area of ​​14 thousand square meters, the fountain has the feature of squirting water to a height of 105 meters. A total of 3,000 light bulbs are used for the light plays performed during the water show.

Global Village: Global Village

As it gets dark, families flock to the Global Village, where they can dine at affordable prices, where fairs are held and have fun for free.

With an entrance fee of only 5 euros and cheap entertainment activities, 42 thousand live shows are held every year in this 1.6 million square meter area and 3 thousand 500 stores are in service.

78 different cultures are represented in 26 kiosks and 300 stalls display their products in the world’s largest food street. Dishes here include traditional Rigag bread pancakes and Asian desserts with Instagram-worthy ice cream. Adrenaline buffs can be thrown into the sky with a slingshot. It is possible to have maximum fun with a low budget in Dubai.

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