Israel continues airstrikes on blockaded Gaza

Israel continued its third day of air strikes on the blockaded Gaza strip.

According to the statement made by the Israeli army, military planes carried out airstrikes on three separate points on the grounds that they were rocket and mortar launch points of Islamic Jihad.

The Israeli army announced that the order to call up another round of reservists was approved by the Ministry of Defense. The military did not provide details on how many reservists were called to duty.

It was reported that Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Israeli Chief of General Staff Aviv Kohavi visited the Israeli Army Southern Command and Sderot, near the Gaza strip, to get information about the situation in the region.

Rockets fired from Gaza

In a statement, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, the Jerusalem Seriyyes, announced that they launched a series of rockets aimed primarily at Tel Aviv and other cities in response to Israel’s killing of Islamic Jihad leader Khalid Mansur yesterday.

It has been reported that attack sirens sounded in cities such as Rishon LeTsyon in the south of Tel Aviv, Sderot near the Gaza strip, Askalan (Aşkelon) and Ashdod on the coast, and in some settlements in the center. It was reported that explosion sounds were heard as a result of the rockets fired from the Iron Dome, Israel’s air defense system, destroying the fired rockets.

Some sources in the Palestinian media reported that about a hundred rockets were fired from Gaza.

Attempts to ceasefire between the parties

Al Jazeera television passed that a ceasefire will be declared under the mediation of Egypt, which will come into effect at 8 p.m. local time this evening.

In return for a ceasefire, it was claimed that Israel would take steps to alleviate Gaza’s fuel crisis.

On the other hand, a senior Israeli official speaking to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahranoth said that “there is no final situation” regarding any ceasefire in Gaza.

Israel’s attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip, which started on 5 August on the grounds that it targeted points belonging to Islamic Jihad, continue from the air and from the ground.

In a written statement made by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, it was shared that the number of deaths increased to 32 and the number of injured to 275 in the ongoing attacks of Israel on the Gaza Strip on the third day. As a result of the rockets fired from Gaza, there has been no loss of life on the Israeli side yet.

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