Marion Cotillard and Flore Vasseur talk about their latest film to euronews

“Bigger than us” was written and directed by writer and journalist Flore Vasseur. The film is produced by Marion Cotillard, who has long devoted herself to environmental and social goals.

The film tells the story of 7 young men and women, often barely grown up, fighting for a better future despite numerous obstacles.

The French actress shared her contribution to the film with Euronews: “I always had a big question in my mind about our impact on future generations. Will we be able to see the effects of this 100 years from now, 1000 years from now? Will our influence prevent them from living?”

Flore Vasseur made a movie about Edward Snowden. She has a long history as an activist and documentary filmmaker.

This also includes questions from his younger son. Melati’s fight against the plastic bag invasion on the idyllic beaches of Bali: “I’ve always been interested in adult activism, but I’ve never been interested in what it means for children and for that generation. This prompted me to immediately follow in Melati’s footsteps as a response to my son. “He’s 16 years old and has been acting for 4 years. He works hard. He works like his energy will never end. I tell myself he needs to connect with people like him.”

Patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy emerge as the most common problems.

Young people’s initiatives are not isolated actions, they have a real generational consciousness.

The director states that women are often on the front lines: “I didn’t think about women or men, I thought about who is brave in these movements, about ecology, girls’ education, freedom of expression, etc. There are a lot of women in these movements. There are a lot of women on the front lines.”

For Marion Cotillard, it’s not about opposing men and women, it’s about recognizing the legitimate struggle: “It’s very clearly connected to life, but also connected to submission. It’s clear that the subjugation of women in this world creates a need for them to stand up. They defend themselves, They fight and demand justice.”

“Actually, this wave will last much longer because it will take everyone away.”

The film, which will also be screened at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, will be released across Europe in the fall.

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