Marriage, education, work: From which EU country do Turkish citizens get a residence permit and for what reason?

European Union (EU) countries granted residence permit to 2 million 952 thousand people in 2021. This number increased by 31 percent compared to 2020 and returned to pre-Covid-19 levels.

Visas cover residence permits issued for the first time to citizens of non-EU countries. Ukrainian citizens obtained 3 out of 10 residence permits.

Turkish citizens, on the other hand, are in the 7th position in the list of those with the highest number of residence permits. So, from which EU country do Turkish citizens get a residence permit and for what reason? What is the share of reasons such as marriage, education and work?

Ukrainians received 30 percent of the sessions

According to the data of the EU Statistics Office (Eurostat), Ukrainian citizens received 876 thousand first residence visas from EU countries in 2021. While Moroccans took the second place with 150 thousand, Belarusian citizens received 149 thousand sessions.

After the top three, the ranking is as follows: India (111 thousand), Russia (87 thousand), Brazil (71 thousand), Turkey (64 thousand 400), China (66 thousand), Syria (64 thousand) and the USA (57 thousand). Thus, citizens of Ukraine received 30 percent of the permits.

Poland granted 33 percent of visas

The vast majority of the first residence visas issued in 2021 came from Poland. Poland, which opened its door to the neighboring country after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, granted a total of 967 thousand residence permits. This means 33 percent of the total permits issued by the EU. 13 percent with 372 thousand in Spain; France also has a 10 percent share with 285 thousand. These three countries delivered 56 percent of the total sessions.

The number of residence permits issued by Germany fell by 41 percent

On the other hand, Germany issued 185 thousand first residence visas in 2021. This number was 313 thousand in 2020. This means that the number of sessions given by Germany decreased by 41 percent.

The countries that granted the most residence permits to Turkish citizens were Germany (12,252), Poland (10 thousand 1 and the Netherlands (8 thousand 336), while Cyprus was the least with 48 residence permits.

Some other countries giving residence to Turkish citizens are as follows: France (6,485), Romania (4,137), and Bulgaria (3,665).

Turkish citizens mostly get ‘family visa’

The reason for 33 out of 100 residence permits obtained by Turkish citizens is “family”. Family reunification is the most common type of visa. The share of education remained at 20 percent, while 25 percent received a residence permit due to work. 23 percent received visas for other reasons.

The situation changes when we look at the reasons for the residence permits of Turkish citizens from each country. The reason for 57 percent of the residence permits issued by Germany is family. This rate is 54 percent in Greece and 53 percent in Austria.

The reason for 75 percent of the sessions Ireland gives to Turkish citizens is education. The share of education is 64 percent in Czechia, 58 percent in Latvia and 56 percent in Italy.

The reason for 93 percent of Turks living in Croatia is work. This rate is 76 percent for Romania.

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