Martyr Specialist Sergeant Halil Koç was buried

The funeral of 36-year-old martyr Halil Koç, who was brought to Malatya from Ankara, was taken to his father’s hearth in Büyük Mustafapaşa Mahallesi of Battalgazi district.

A ceremony was held for Martyr Specialist Sergeant Halil Koç in Malatya City Cemetery. While the martyr’s relatives put the martyr’s camouflage and beret on the coffin, the martyr’s mother Gülsen, his wife Yeter and their relatives shed tears. The mother of the martyr, Gülsen Koç, said, “Your children are entrusted to me, you go in peace, Halil.” he lamented.

The martyr’s children, 9-year-old Zeynep and 6-year-old Asaf, also attended the funeral wearing military camouflage.

Speaking before the funeral prayer, Hüseyin Koç, the relative of the martyr, stated that he entrusted the two children of the martyr to them and said, “Peace be upon all our martyrs, those who make an effort so that the prayers for their homeland do not end, and all of Halil Koç, who ensured that we sleep comfortably. May my Lord accept the martyrdom of all of them. Martyrs do not die, they are martyred. Those who will leave will never end. All unbelievers should know that Halil Koçlar will never end.” said.

After the funeral prayer led by Provincial Mufti Veysel Işıldar, Koç’s body was carried on his shoulders for a while and was buried in the cemetery.

Those attending the funeral chanted the slogans “Martyrs do not die, the homeland is indivisible” and “Down with the PKK”.

In addition to the families of the martyrs and their relatives, Deputy Minister of National Education Nazif Yılmaz, Malatya Governor Hulusi Şahin, Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, 2nd Army Garrison Commander Major General Selami Arslan, AK Party Malatya MPs Ahmet Çakır and Hakan Kahtalı, other interested parties and many others. citizens participated.

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