Meral Akşener: Decide which one I am

Akşener met with the shopkeepers in the Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi. Asking for the sake of the shopkeepers, Akşener shopped at the shops he entered and took pictures with the citizens who came to him.

Akşener, who went to Güngören Tozkoparan District, listened to the citizens who did not want urban transformation. Afterwards, Akşener continued to visit the tradesmen and drank tea with the citizens at a patisserie he entered. A person who said that Akşener would ask questions during this visit was removed from the area by the guards.

In his speech in Zeytinburnu, Akşener said that he was happy to be in Zeytinburnu after a long time.

Expressing that he visited shops during his time as a deputy, Akşener said, “I have been visiting shops, shopkeepers, tradesmen, districts, provinces, provinces for 2.5 years. We started before the pandemic and continued after. linin, the youth who could not be appointed, ‘What dish will I cook for dinner?’ The mother says, the students suffering from dormitory problems, the tenants in Istanbul and Turkey where rents are flying away, the troubles are not talked about, but politics is made with a language that pits us all against each other over scattering and witchcraft. You will vote, amenna. Weigh on ‘Which party, which politician takes care of our problems, what solutions are created, which solution is better’ and vote accordingly, but if you try to vote on the basis of scavengers, you will be screwed.” he said.

“Decide which one I am”

Noting that he talked to mothers and shopkeepers during his visit, Akşener said, “The majority of the people I asked if their child had a tablet on the street, the child in that primary school did not have a tablet. EBA was entered for two years. AK Party municipalities distributed tablets. Those tablets went to the supporters, the one they know. Standing in front of you. This region has known this woman for years. Yahu, in the middle of Zeytinburnu, I am PKK member, but when I go to Diyarbakır, Batman and Mardin, I am an unsolved murderer. Friend, what am I? Decide which one I am.” used the phrases.

Akşener said that they will continue to talk about the youth who could not be appointed despite getting high scores and the negativities of the interview system.

Stating that the lowest pension is 3 thousand 500 liras, Akşener said, “However, we said that the lowest pension should be as much as the minimum wage. The minimum wage should be updated again. I am asking those who work in these shops with the minimum wage. Is it possible for the one whose house is rented to live? The rents are 6 thousand liras.” he said.

During his visit, Akşener was accompanied by MPs Ümit Dikbayır and Ümit Beyaz, Istanbul Provincial President Buğra Kavuncu, provincial and district administrators and party members.

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