Minister Karaismailoğlu examined the asphalt maintenance works on the FSM Bridge

Minister Karaismailoğlu, after receiving information about the renovation works that will continue until 10:00 in the morning, made a statement to the press, pointing out that the FSM Bridge is one of the bridges with the heaviest traffic in the world, and said that an average of 240 thousand vehicles travel daily.

Karaismailoğlu stated that there may be deterioration in the asphalt on the surface of the bridge, which serves such heavy traffic, and continued his words as follows:

“We are doing an important work with our friends at this hour of the night in order to eliminate those deteriorations and turn this place back to a more comfortable and safe state. We started our work on the night that connects Saturday to Sunday, when there is no working hour, not on weekdays. We plan to finish it by 10:00 in the morning. We will eliminate this problem and make the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge comfortable and safe again.”

“We continue to work at 5,000 construction sites all over Turkey”

Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that there are 4 road crossings in the Bosphorus, 240 thousand vehicles from the FSM Bridge, approximately 60 thousand vehicles from the Eurasia Tunnel, 200 thousand vehicles from the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, and 110 thousand vehicles from the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. reported that he passed.

Expressing that they carry out routine maintenance work on the asphalt of the bridge, which serves heavy traffic and connects the continents, Karaismailoğlu emphasized that his teammates are making efforts to facilitate the life of the citizens. Minister Karaismailoğlu said:

“Indeed, it does not matter in the east, west, north or south of Turkey; we have close to 700 thousand colleagues working at our nearly 5,000 construction sites. so that he can travel. Together with our devoted work team, we are with them both to give them morale and motivation and to examine their work here.”

Traffic is provided in one lane

On the other hand, according to the information received from the ministry officials, various deteriorations in the right two lanes are being repaired within the scope of the asphalt work initiated in the Edirne direction of the FSM Bridge.

Within the framework of the work planned at the hours that will affect the Istanbul traffic at a minimum level, the traffic in the direction of Edirne is provided from a single lane.

The works are carried out with 2 asphalt scrapers, 2 asphalt pavers, 3 rollers, 10 trucks, 2 bobcats, 1 vacuum cleaner, 2 waterers, 1 striper. It is planned to pave 25 mm thick asphalt and use 100 tons of TMA in an area of ​​1400 square meters.

At 10:00, the bridge is expected to open to traffic as 4 lanes.

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