Minister Koca answered the questions about the ‘Additional Payment Regulation’

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared the questions and answers about the regulation published last week on his social media account.

The questions and answers regarding the regulation are as follows:

Question: Has the performance system really taken off?

Answer: The regulation of additional payment by performance has been completely removed. The new regulation brought a basic additional payment to everyone who deserves revolving funds. In our hospitals, incentive payments will also be made in varying amounts, taking into account resource use efficiency, financial sustainability, individual and clinical workloads of employees, job descriptions, the unit they work for and the cost of obtaining the service.

Question: Is the fixed and base payment not coming out of the general budget and not reflected in the pension?

Answer: Pension premium is not deducted from fixed payment and base payment. It does not contribute to retirement anyway. Because, with the Law No. 7411 enacted in June 2022, the pensions of doctors were increased to include those who started working after 2008, regardless of the premium.

Question: “Netting has been completely removed in the app.” whereas the text includes the expression “settlement”. Isn’t this a contradiction?

Answer: Each payment item made to healthcare workers will be separate, none of them will be deducted from the other. The aforementioned “set-off” expression is related to a technical issue between the revolving fund account and the central government budget. It has practically no meaning for the healthcare worker.

Question: Does most of the portion specified as the base payment go to the general budget fixed offset?

Answer is no. There is no such situation. The fixed additional payment, which was previously given from the revolving fund within the performance payment, will be added to the salary from the central government budget. However, offsetting is a matter related to the accounting of these accounts, it has nothing to do with the income of the persons.

Question: Will there be a deduction from the money given with the base supplement when I use the leave?

Answer: There will be no deductions for 12 days of annual leave. In addition, there will be no deductions on the days reported due to illness.

Question: There is a discussion about who can receive the incentive payment. Who does the incentive payment cover?

Answer: Health workers working in secondary and tertiary health institutions will benefit from the incentive payment.

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