Minister of National Education Özer evaluated the education agenda

Özer made evaluations about the education agenda and answered questions in the live broadcast of Bengü Türk TV.

Stating that the preparations for the 2022-2023 academic year continue, Özer reminded that nearly 36 million auxiliary resources were distributed to students last term.

Stating that this year, there will be not only textbooks but also supplementary resources on the students’ desk this year, Özer said, “From now on, we will make an arrangement to combine supplementary resources with textbooks. As a ministry, we have been removing mechanisms that have brought additional burdens to students and parents for years. Registration, money, donations. We are evaluating all the complaints that come as such. We have taken 137 actions on this issue at the moment. We are moving away from the management of the friends who are involved in these processes, knowingly or unknowingly.” he said.

Asked about the process for the appointment of twenty thousand teachers, Özer said, “Today we shared the results of the interviews. We will receive the choices on August 27-31, and on September 1, our teachers will be assigned to their schools and start their duties.” said.

Özer stated that 75 percent of the teachers working in the education system have been appointed in the last 20 years, and they are appointed every year.

On the question about the teacher profession law and career exams, Minister Özer said that such a law was made for the first time and that there may be deficiencies and improvement areas in the law. Ozer said:

“While the regulation was being prepared, we shaped this work by taking the opinions of all relevant NGOs and unions. There is a perception in the public that this law was made to improve the personal rights of our teachers. There is no need for an exam in the regulation to be made to improve the personal rights of our teachers. Our government makes a raise. This is a career system. There is no obligation. There is no field in the career system in Turkey where exams are not held. We do not measure the teaching qualifications of our teachers in these exams. This is abused by the public. We need to evaluate the education of our teachers. This is why we hold these exams. We will do what is necessary here. No one should try to generate political profit from here. Our teachers are the only assets of our education system. The stronger our teachers are, the stronger our education system will be, the stronger the Republic of Turkey will be. becomes three. If we turn this issue into a rent related to increasing political visibility, it will not be the Ministry of National Education that loses, it will be the country, you will have your children. Please don’t let anyone shadow you.”

Reminding the recent increase in Kovid-19 cases, Özer was asked what kind of path to follow in the new academic year, “We will continue face-to-face education in the 2022-2023 academic year by taking the necessary precautions with the same determination.” he said.

Cancellation of KPSS

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, on a question regarding the cancellation of KPSS, underlined that KPSS is not an exam held under the responsibility of the Ministry of National Education.

Emphasizing that there is no direct relationship between ÖSYM and the Ministry, Minister Özer said, “There have been speculations about the Ministry of National Education, we have no relationship with KPSS. ÖSYM is an administrative and financially autonomous institution. The disciplinary supervisor of the OSYM Presidency is the YÖK Presidency. Therefore, it has a relationship with YÖK. You know, in that process, YÖK started an investigation.” he said.

Minister Özer pointed out that the two critical issues in the exams are “question preparation processes” and “the place where the process of selecting and printing the prepared question takes place”.

Reminding the speculations about the institution exams held by the Ministry, Özer reminded that all the exams they hold are open to administrative inspection. Explaining that when there is a problem, they make an examination by using the whole examination systematic as a ministry, Mahmut Özer said, “Our General Directorate of Measurement and Valuation Services conducts examinations. It does not only perform the LGS examination, it also serves public institutions. We make the necessary examinations. Therefore, when there is a problem, it is here. There’s a problem, and we say ‘do this’ about it candidly.” he said.

Responding to the questions received on social media, Özer said, “Our friends are working on apology appointments and other mechanisms. We will manage the processes in a way that will not make our students and teachers aggrieved and accept their apologies as much as possible.” said.

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, on the question of whether there is a situation such as determining a base salary for private sector teachers, said, “There are problems with private education institutions. Not only the wages of our teachers, but there are some points that they have encountered and demanded improvement in this process. Our General Directorate of Educational Institutions is still negotiating with sector representatives and teachers.” he said. Özer explained that requests were received regarding both teachers’ wages and other issues, and that the process was carried out.

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