More than a million Americans to get a check worth up to $1,500 in the mail this week – do you qualify?

A LARGE group of Americans can expect to see cash in their mailboxes worth up to $1,500 soon.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis told KKTV that most of the eligible 2.4million residents will get their tax rebate checks this week.

The payments are worth between $750 and $1,500


The payments are worth between $750 and $1,500

Likewise, that would mean residents somewhere in the millions are set to get their money this week – although an exact number was not revealed by the Governor.

Under the rebate program, individual taxpayers are getting $750 while joint filers are receiving $1,500.

The payments started going out on August 1.

“I’m excited to say the checks are in the mail! Now, some are in the mail, they’re going in the mail over the next week,” Polis said. 

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Who is eligible? 

To get the direct payment, residents must have been 18 years old on December 31, 2021 and have filed a state income tax return.

Residents who applied and qualified for a Property Tax/Rent/Heat Credit (PTC) Rebate are also eligible.

Only those who were full-year residents in 2021 will qualify.

Residents who filed jointly but have since been divorced will be mailed a check to the address on the return.

What if they don’t arrive this week?

Mr Polis is urging eligible residents not to panic if their check does not hit their mailbox this week. 

“What we’re telling folks, especially if you have mail forwarding or something like that, don’t get worried about it unless you don’t get it in August,” the governor said. 

“If it gets to September and you haven’t gotten it, you’ll want to go to and make sure you can address whatever the issue is.”

But those who filed taxes ahead of June 30, should be getting their checks within that timeframe.

Meanwhile, Coloradoans who got an extension or did not have income to declare will need to file by October 17 deadline.

Mr Polis said that extended filers will get their refund checks by Christmas.

Other states sending out money

Meanwhile, other places around the country are sending out money to residents. 

For example, thousands of Hawaii residents are set to get a one-time tax refund this month.

Those making less than $100,000 annually will receive a $300 rebate.

If your income is over that threshold but under $200,000, then you’ll get $100.

Additionally, families with children could get more money.

For instance, a family of four could get $1,200.

Recently, Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee said families will be able to receive a child tax credit worth up to $750.

Any Rhode Island taxpayer with dependents 18 or under is eligible for the credit, and no application is necessary.

Taxpayers who filed by August 31 will start receiving rebates in October.

Nearly 115,000 families in the state are expected to benefit.

In Connecticut, Governor Ned Lamont expects child tax credit payments worth up to $750 to go out this month. 

The following income guidelines have to be met to qualify for the credit:

  • Single or married and filing separately: $100,000 or less
  • Head of household: $160,000 or less
  • Married filing jointly: $200,000 or less

The rebate will be reduced by 10% for every $1,000 a household earned over those thresholds, according to the state.

Eligible families had until July 31 to apply.

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For more on how you can get money, there are dozens of cities and states offering universal basic income.

And here are the 12 states offering direct payments to parents worth up to $1,000.

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