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The Sosa song is one of 30 different motorcycle-themed movies around the world. These films are being screened at the Motorcycle film festival held for the first time in Dubai for three days. At the festival, you can find everything from the world of motorcycles, from short films to documentaries.

Cam Elkins, Song of Sosa movie director

“These kinds of festivals give filmmakers, especially motorcycle filmmakers, an opportunity to present a variety of stories from different cultures and fields.”

The festival also includes the presentation of the movie Fast Eddie, which tells the story of a World War II veteran who is still enthusiastically riding a motorcycle.

There’s also a movie called Rebel Riders, which chronicles the extreme Vespa Scooter culture in Indonesia.

A story about indigenous female drivers in the desert will also meet the audience at the festival under the name ‘WhyWeRide’.

Michael Vosloo, WhyWeRide Director

“For those who haven’t ridden, especially women, if they don’t think riding a motorcycle is for them, this is the movie they should watch. It’s a very short movie and quite jolly. I think it has an encouraging effect on riding others. Those who are interested in riding a little bit say, ‘If they can ride, I’m good. It’s a movie where he’ll say, ‘Why can’t I drive?’

This festival is not only for motorcycle lovers, but also for cinema lovers.

Cam Elkins:

“Motorcycles can be thought of as today’s modern horses, there is no vehicle that allows us to explore nature better than this. Again, they serve as a good intermediary for us to live in touch with nature and to relate to our environment. As a result, to look at it from a wider perspective. “Motorcycle movies are a form of freedom that connects one with the world around him.”

Ian Carless, Festival Director:

“There can be a lot of content made on motorcycles. But choosing the movies… The hardest part was which one to eliminate.”

“Especially when you watch motorcycle-related videos on platforms like Youtube and Instagram, you’ll see that there are more images of a motorcycle or a GoPro camera placed on the side of the car. The situation is different here, these movies are images taken by people who are in the movie industry and have a passion for motorcycles.”

The festival is also an opportunity to bring together motorcycle riders from different parts of the world.

Rhett Maxwell, General Manager, Honda United Arab Emirates:

“The get-togethers in Dubai start out as small groups but never on a small scale. It won’t stay that way in 3, 4 or 5 years. This is just the beginning of an event that I predict will grow into a huge organization in the future.”

Organizing this event was not easy for the organizers either.

Ian Carless:

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of the festival was seeing the passion in the filmmakers. Of course, it wasn’t as hard to convince them as going and convincing the Hollywood directors. But seeing their excitement and passion to attend this festival is really energizing. We couldn’t have done it without their participation and contribution.”

It is expected that this event will continue to grow. The next meeting is scheduled for February.

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