Murphy showed the importance of sports and social activities for the disabled with ‘Heroes of Hope’

Hollie Murphy founded ‘Heroes of Hope’, a non-profit group that develops sports, social and physical skills for disabled but determined children and youth in Dubai.

Murphy started his sports adventure at the age of 6 with athletics and ran “12 different sports” at the national and international level throughout his life. Hollie Murphy, whose passion for sports never waned, later decided to pass on her experience as a physical education teacher to new generations.

While studying physical education at a university in his home country of Ireland, he had the opportunity to work closely with people with disabilities and developed a very special bond with them.

Encouraged children with special needs to sports

About 13 years ago, Hollie Murphy, who came to Dubai as a physical education teacher, realized that there were no special needs children around. These children were attending other classes during their time in physical education.

Emphasizing that sports are very important for the development of children, Murphy said, “It is very important to pass on these experiences to every child. It is the only way for them to grow as individuals. I think it is the only way for them to understand what they are really passionate about.” he said.

Murphy started a private after-school club. In this adventure that started with 12 children, the number of students exceeded 100 for only 4 years. With the arrival of the Covid-19 epidemic, the lessons went online, but Murphy observed that children regressed in many areas during this process and stated that he had to make a new decision:

“So I had to put my teaching career on hold and I just started institutionalizing my work. That’s how ‘Heroes of Hope’ was founded.”

Each child has a special skill, I help find and develop it

Murphy explained the importance of the association he founded with these words:

“I call them my heroes. Each one has a unique skill. My responsibility is to help them find them and when we find it, we develop it. Opportunity for our athletes to train in a variety of sports. They try many sports from strength and conditioning, athletics to boxing. Dubai community “He’s been very generous as a whole. Volunteer coaches come and devote their time to these kids. The fitness industry has allocated a lot of venues to us. That’s why we now have access to gyms, football fields, basketball courts. Our athletes train seven days a week.”

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