Musica: Three legends in one concert; La Sacala, Riccardo Muti and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Three legends in just one night. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Riccardo Muti is at La Scala, Italy’s music temple. Vienna’s most famous orchestra, whose home is the Musikverein, where New Year’s concerts are held, is now exhibiting unique works of German classical music in Milan.

Daniel Froschauer, who took part in the orchestra, “especially underlines that they have moved their playing style from Musikverein to La Scala. This is how La Scala turns into Musikverein,” says the artist, describing La Scala as “magnificent” with only “good memories”. He likens it to an opera house, a cultural center and a “shrine”.

2021 has special significance for Riccardo Muti. Muti, who will turn 80 at the end of July, will also mark his 50th year as a conductor at the Vienna Philharmonic this year.

Dominique Meyer, director of La Sacala Opera, underlines that the reason for inviting Muti was “to see him happy in this opera, where he had a lot of duties and victories”.

Michael Bladerer, the head of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, says that Muti’s preference for only German composers such as Mendelssohn, Schumann and Brahms for the concert surprised him. “I expected him to choose more Italian music,” said the manager, “But it didn’t. And that’s exactly fascinating. Because these pieces of music share a common history. As the Vienna Philharmonic, we performed the premiere of Brahm’s second symphony,” emphasizing how correct this decision was.

Stating that there were “goosebumps” moments in the program, the Austrian director said, “Schumann’s symphony has such a transition between the third and fourth parts. In my opinion, this is the most romantic episode in the history of music. I always look forward to this moment to come. Because It’s such an incredible and such a privilege to be able to play it”.

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