My bridezilla sister won’t invite my girlfriend to her wedding – people are saying I should upstage her with my news

EVERY engaged couple has attempted to whittle their guest list down for the big day.

A Reddit user has shared the ridiculous reason his long-term partner wasn’t invited to his sister’s wedding.

A Reddit user has revealed the reason her is feuding with his bridezilla sister


A Reddit user has revealed the reason her is feuding with his bridezilla sister

A Reddit user is feuding with his sister after she refused to invite his long-term girlfriend to her wedding.

The original poster explained that he had been with his partner for 11 years, and they had been living together for eight of them.

He also revealed that the couple are expecting a baby but hadn’t announced the news yet.

“My sister made it clear that she wanted an intimate wedding – 60 guests – and since my girlfriend isn’t [my] wife, she didn’t consider her family,” the Reddit user told readers.

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His initial reaction was to not RSVP to the wedding as he was confused over the bride’s decision.

After his sister rang him in tears, the Reddit user made it clear he would not be attending without his girlfriend.

“She was crying and raging. Since I’m her only brother, and since [our] dad isn’t in the picture, I’m supposed to be the one giving her away,” the poster explained.

The bride eventually relented and invited the user’s girlfriend, but he declined the offer.

“Yesterday, she texted me and my girlfriend that ‘fine, we could come, both of us.’ My girlfriend looked so sad, but she said it’s up to me. So I texted back that we’re not coming,” he said.

The poster explained that he organized for the bride’s uncle to walk her down the aisle but his family were still upset with him.

Reddit users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the bridezilla’s behavior, with some people even suggesting creative forms of revenge.

“Dude, just go with your partner. Give your sister away and announce the pregnancy at the reception,” suggested one reader.

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Another user wrote: “11 years – that’s family, and to not invite [her] is just rude. You are not breaking anyone’s heart – your sister made a choice and so did you.”

“The nerve of the sister to DEMAND that [the original poster] give her away after blatantly dismissing and disrespecting his relationship,” said a third person.

Reddit users suggested the original poster announce his partner's pregnancy at his sister's wedding


Reddit users suggested the original poster announce his partner’s pregnancy at his sister’s weddingCredit: Getty

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