New party footage of Finnish Prime Minister Marin doing drug testing appeared

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, whose footage of her dancing at a party with her friends, was published, announced that she had a drug test after the reactions. A new video emerged of Marin, who was criticized after the leaked footage, dancing with another man.

Marin said that he had a drug test today and the results will be out in a week, and he has never used illegal drugs in his life.

The Finnish prime minister stated that he did not consume too much alcohol that evening and that he could return to his post without any problems if necessary.

In videos posted on social media, Prime Minister Marin was seen having fun with Finnish celebrities, including MP Ilmari Nurminen and media presenter Tinni Wikström.

In his statement on the videos, Marin stated that he was sorry that the private images were released, but that he had done nothing wrong to warrant his defense.

But Finnish MP Mikko Karna from the Center Party, Prime Minister Marin’s coalition partner, urged Marin to take a drug test and announce the results to the public, on his Twitter account, saying, “The people have the right to expect this from their prime minister.” had used the phrase.

Prime Minister Marin, on the other hand, denied the allegations that he was using drugs at a press conference and said that he had nothing to hide.

Marin also stated that he did not consume much alcohol and said, “I celebrated by dancing and singing. I did not do anything illegal.” she spoke.

The leaked images sparked controversy on social media. Some criticized Marin for acting irresponsibly, while others argued that it boosted the 36-year-old prime minister’s popularity.

New video appeared

A new video has surfaced as Prime Minister Marin tries to respond to the criticism. The video shows Marin dancing with a man. Marin’s wife was not included in the same images.

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