Paris Administrative Court stopped the deportation decision of the Moroccan imam, a social media phenomenon

The Paris Administrative Court has annulled the decision for the expulsion of Moroccan imam Hassan Iquioussen, whose preachers have been watched millions of times on social media.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced that he objected to this decision and applied to the Council of State.

In a written statement made by the Ministry of Interior, “In the face of this decision of the Administrative Court, the Minister of Interior Darmain, who is determined to fight against those who make and spread comments that are anti-Semitic and contrary to the equality of women and men, applied to the Council of State. ‘ it was said.

In the same statement, it was noted that the Moroccan imam “has been exhibiting hate speech against the values ​​of France for years, contrary to the principles of secularism and equality between women and men.”

Lucie Simon, the lawyer of the Moroccan imam, who is described as “Ikhwan”, announced that the court suspended his client’s deportation to Morocco “on the ground that it would cause a disproportionate attack on his private and family life”.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin posted his deportation decision on his Twitter account on July 28, “This preacher has for years displayed hate speech against the values ​​of France, against our principles of secularism and equality between men and women. He will be sent from French territory.” had shared.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), on the other hand, rejected Hassan Iquioussen’s application for interim injunction demanded for the stay of execution decision yesterday.

Imam, the social media phenomenon of France

The imam, who is stated to be a sympathizer of the Muslim Brotherhood, has many followers on social media.

The Moroccan imam has 170,000 followers on YouTube and 43 thousand on Facebook.

It has been reported that the images of the Moroccan imam, who has shared his preachers on social media since 2000, have been watched approximately 30 million times.

In the ministry’s deportation circular, it was stated that the imam, who was seen as a “threat to public order”, “advocated not complying with the laws of the Republic in some of the images he shared, questioning the reality of the attacks carried out by ISIS”, and said, “He is one of the founders of Al-Qaeda and he is devoted to secularism, which he sympathizes with Osama bin Laden. opposed”.

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