Peace deal signed in Chad between transitional government and opposition groups

The “Doha Peace Agreement” was signed between the Chad Transitional Military Council and more than thirty opposition groups as a result of negotiations, hosted by Qatar, since March. However, it did not sign the agreement, stating that the demands of the Front for Change and Integration in Chad (FACT), which was stationed in Libya, which threatened to seize the capital last year, were not heard.

The signing ceremony held in Doha, the capital of Qatar, was attended by delegations including the Military Transition Council and representatives of opposition groups, as well as African Union representatives, officials from regional and international organizations, and ambassadors.

In his speech at the ceremony, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdurrahman Al Sani wished that the peace agreement would contribute to the development and stability of the people of Chad.

Noting that Doha supports the agreement between the Chadian parties due to its active regional and international role in providing the basis for mediation and preventing conflicts, the Qatari Minister said that his country will spare no effort to maintain peace in Chad.

Foreign Minister Al Sani also called on countries experiencing conflict to “be open to initiatives to lay the foundations of peace”.

African Union Commission President Musa Faki Mohammed also congratulated Doha for its role in maintaining peace in Chad.

“Young people from Chad dream of peace and a better future,” Mohammed said. used the phrases.

What happened?

After President İdris Deby Itno was killed on 19 April 2021 in an operation against the separatist group “Front for Change and Integration in Chad” (FACT) in the north of the country, Itno’s 37-year-old son, Mohammed Idris Deby, was appointed to the Transitional Military Council on 20 April. had been brought to him.

Peace talks began in March in Qatar to resolve the disagreements between the Chairman of the Transitional Military Council, Deby, and opposition groups in the country.

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