Perfumes reveal new tastes, Dior shrimp tartare recipe from Portuguese chef Avillez

The dishes prepared in collaboration with the famous Portuguese chef Jose Avillez and Maison Christian Dior have turned into a carnival of flavors. Avillez’s dishes appeal to many senses of the customers in terms of visual, taste and smell.

Chef Avillez created extraordinary dishes that he blended with the scents of the Christian Dior brand.

Chef Avillez’s smoked and floral-scented shrimp tartare recipe was inspired by Dior’s ‘Oud Ispahan’ perfume. Avillez says one of her favorite aspects of her job is trying new flavors and dishes. Chef Avillez says we get the 5 basic flavors. They are: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami, but using scents we can unlock new flavors.

Chef Avillez is not only a cultural ambassador promoting Portuguese cuisine around the world, but also a strong supporter of products made in Portugal.

For this dish, Avillez used prawns from the Algarve, Portugal’s south coast. Access to Portuguese products around the world is a necessary factor in preparing Portuguese dishes.

Chef Jose Avillez runs a successful chain of restaurants with twenty restaurants, including the two-Michelin-Starred Belcanto in Lisbon and “Tasca”, the first international vson restaurant in Dubai.

Recipe and msupplies

200 grams of Algarve coastal shrimp, 3 avocados, rose water, lychee fruit (Chinese wild strawberry), lemon-lime juice.

Preparation of the meal:

Prepare the avocado sauce with the help of a blender. Add lychee, rose, lemon and avocado.

Taste the mixture and adjust the seasonings and salts to your liking. If the sauce is too thick for your taste, you can add a few teaspoons of water to adjust the consistency.

Clean the heads, shells and veins of the shrimp by removing them. Next, wash and rinse the shrimp, dry and chop coarsely. Then add salt and pepper.

Place a metal ring on a plate. Then stuff the eyebrow into the plate, press firmly and remove the ring. Repeat the process with the remaining tartar mixture.

Peel and grate the avocado. Lightly scorch the avocado for a smoky aroma. Place the avocado on the tartar. And finally, pour the avocado sauce around the tartar. Enjoy your meal!

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