Primary elections are held in 4 states of the USA today.

Before the midterm elections to be held on November 8 in the USA, citizens in 4 states go to the polls to determine the local, federal and congress candidates in their own regions in the primary elections called “primary”.

In the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont and Connecticut, the nominees of each party will share their trump card to participate in the elections in November.

In Wisconsin, the race for state governor between Republican party nominees will turn into a show of power between former US President Donald Trump and his deputy Mike Pence.

Supported by Trump, gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels will try to get on the ballot for the November election by fighting with former deputy governor Rebecca Kleefisch, supported by Pence.

Ilhan Omar will compete for the 3rd term

Ilhan Omar, the first headscarved Muslim MP to enter the US Congress House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections, will fight former Minneapolis City Councilor Don Samuels for the third term in the Minnesota primary elections today.

In the election campaign, it is stated that Omar has significant budgetary advantage and grassroots support, while Samuels’s discourse on crime rates and security is noted.

The state’s Democratic Governor Tim Walz, who is fighting for a second term, has no strong opponent from his own party. Walz is expected to run against his Republican opponent, Scott Jensen, in the November midterm elections.

10 more states will hold primary elections by November

The Republican party, which has not been able to send a senator from Connecticut to Congress for 30 years, will determine its opponent, which will fight against the state’s Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal in today’s primary elections.

Former state legislature minority leader Themis Clarides, backed by the party centre, will run against Trump-backed candidate Leora Levy.

It is stated that Clarides, unlike the conservative Republican base, supports the right to abortion and partial gun control, and therefore has a good chance against the candidate supported by Trump in the liberal-dominated state.

In the other northeastern state of Vermont, Democrats are vying to nominate their own candidate.

Peter Welch, the state’s current House of Representatives, backed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, will square off with activist Isaac Evans-Frantz and emergency medicine doctor Niki Thran for the Senate seat nomination.

The Democratic candidates who win the primaries are seen as certain to win the midterm elections in the liberal state of Vermont, which will be held on November 8th.

Thousands of candidates will compete for governorship and congressional candidates as well as other in-state and local positions in the 4 states where the primary elections will be held today.

After today, there are 10 more states that will hold primary elections in the country until the midterm elections.

Hawaii on 13 August, Alaska and Wyoming on 16 August, Florida and New York on 23 August, Massachusetts on 6 September, Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island on 13 September, and most recently Louisiana on 8 November. will go to the polls to vote.

Since Louisiana will elect its Senate candidate on December 10, 2022, the primaries will be held on the day of the midterm elections.

Congress by-elections to be held in November

In the midterm elections to be held on November 8, 2022, Americans will go to the polls for all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate.

In the US electoral system, all members of the 435-seat House of Representatives go to the polls every two years, one in the general elections where the President is elected and the other in the by-elections.

One-third of the 100-member Senate wing of Congress, which is elected for a 6-year term, is renewed every two years.

Candidates before the elections enter the primary elections held in the regions they are in and if they win, they leave the other candidates behind and enter the ballot to compete with the other party candidate at the ballot box.

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