Qantas Airlines: Volunteer managers to move suitcases

Australian airline Qantas has asked its top executives to serve as luggage carriers for three months.

Looking for ways to close the workforce gap in the industry, Qantas is looking for at least 100 volunteer managers to work at Sydney and Melbourne airports. Tasks to be performed include tagging, loading and unloading luggage, as well as driving vehicles that carry suitcases within the airport.

The company’s operations director, Colin Hughes, stated in an internal letter to the personnel that the company is seeking personnel under the emergency program and that after the necessary training, those interested will work in support service for ground personnel for three months starting from mid-August. Hughes also stated that there is no expectation for executives to take on this job on top of their full-time job.

Managers who agreed to volunteer were asked to handle baggage work, working in shifts of four or six hours a day, three or five days a week. It was also underlined that the managers who accepted the job should have the strength to carry a maximum of 32 kilograms.

Qantas, which laid off 1,600 suitcase carriers during the Covid-19 restrictions, tried to fill the gap with outsourced service, but this decision was reversed from the federal court.

Considered one of the most respected airlines of its time, Qantas passengers suffer from long queues and lost luggage at airports, as well as delayed and canceled flights. The company hopes to overcome these problems by reducing the number of flights and hiring new personnel in the coming months.

During the Easter holiday, which is also a busy period, the company requested support from 200 employees at the headquarters for services at the airports.

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