Record foreign exchange purchase in Russia – Dünya Gazetesi

In a statement made by the Central Bank of Russia, it was stated that legal entities in Russia purchased 176 billion rubles in net foreign currency in June.

Pointing out that the aforementioned net purchases reached the level of 237 billion rubles (approximately 3.9 billion dollars) in July, it was emphasized that this amount was at a record level.

It was stated in the statement that despite the increase in foreign exchange purchases, the amount of money in foreign currency deposits decreased by 3 billion dollars, and it was pointed out that this meant that a significant part of the foreign currency was sent abroad after being received.

In the statement, it was noted that a significant part of the purchases were made by the importers and the banks of the countries considered friendly, and that the demand for foreign currency is expected to increase further with the recovery of imports in the country.

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