Rossini’s work revived at a festival with piano and guitar

A magnificent setting for a fascinating recital… World-famous opera singer Juan Diego Florez took the stage at the “Rencontres Musicales d’Evian” music festival held in France.

La Grange au Lac Concert Hall, overlooking Lake Leman, hosts the annual “Evian Musical Gathering” (Rencontres Musicales d’Evian) festival in France.

Made entirely of wood and decorated with birch trees on stage, the La Grange au Lac Concert Hall was built by visionary architect Patrick Bouchain for the legendary cellist Mstislav Rostropovic, who pioneered the festival for years.

Juan Diego Florez, Opera singer, Tenor: “I love to sing Rossini’s operas. Everything is fine with him. Because Rossini prepares you for whatever piece you are going to sing, until that moment comes. When everything is ready, the music begins.”

Florez is accompanied by Vincenzo Scalera, with whom he has worked and performed for many years.

Juan Diego Florez: “The piano is a wonderful musical instrument that gives you the feeling of being accompanied by an orchestra.”

**Vincenzo Scalera, Pianist: “**I have to produce music that gives off an orchestral feel. That’s why I look at the partiture, that is, the notes of the music. If part of the piece is played with strings and another part with wind instruments, I try to add the atmosphere of those instruments to the music with the piano. “

This love of music… Bel canto tunes… It blends with Italian classics and French romance.

Peruvian tenor and vocalist sings in a wide vocal range in this opera.

Juan Diego Florez: “I think the French-style romantic opera is very influential. Werther’s opera is very melancholy, especially that aria…”

“Pourquoi me reveiller” has such a wonderful high note and a very powerful effect. People get goosebumps singing this aria.”

“I like to pick up the guitar towards the end of the recital.”

“This is a beautiful song, “Parlami d’amore, Mariu”

Juan Diego Florez: “Since I was a kid, I always played the guitar while traveling in Peru or the Andes. That’s how I grew up.”

“I used to play guitar for my girlfriends. I was picking up girls thanks to the guitar. At night, under the moonlight, while the fire was burning on the beach…”

“This recital for me is just like having a conversation… You actually talk in a way, you communicate with the audience and you feel them. It creates a very intimate atmosphere.”

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