Russia, unable to find spare parts due to sanctions, is dismantling its own planes

It was stated that in Russia, where Western countries imposed sanctions due to the war in Ukraine, airline companies started to use some aircraft in the fleet as a source of spare parts to provide equipment to the aircraft.

Russian airline companies, including state-controlled Aeroflot, turned to the planes they had because they could not procure spare parts from other countries due to sanctions, Reuters reported, citing sources from within the aviation industry.

It was stated that Aeroflot’s Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft models require more spare parts than others, so parts were purchased from other models of this aircraft type.

At least one Sukhoi superjet and one Airbus A350 operated by Aeroflot are currently in disrepair.

The majority of Russia’s aircraft fleet consists of aircraft models produced in the West. Among them, new generation jets such as the A320neo, A350, Boeing 737 MAX and 787 have a technology that needs to be constantly updated.

Aviation experts predicted that if sanctions were imposed, Russia would buy parts from its own planes to make their planes airworthy.

In June, the Russian government advised airlines to use some aircraft as spare parts to ensure foreign-made aircraft continue to fly until at least 2025.

The process of taking parts from one plane to make another plane fly is known as turning unusable planes into a “Christmas tree”. This rare practice is often resorted to in connection with financial difficulties.

According to sources speaking to Reuters, Russia’s chances of purchasing spare parts from Asian and Middle Eastern countries that do not impose sanctions on the country also seem slim. It is thought that these countries will not accept to supply materials to Russia due to the fear of “secondary sanctions” by Western states.

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