SAHA EXPO will organize the defense industry metaverse fair

According to the SAHA Istanbul statement, FIELD Istanbul supports the development of Turkey in the field of defense, aviation and space technologies with studies such as SAHA MBA program, SAHA Academy, SAHA Initiative.

In addition, it establishes 10 different committees in order to develop projects in the areas needed by the sectors, contribute to the localization studies and create opinions for the development of the sector, enabling its members to work as a project kitchen in coordination with other public institutions and organizations, R&D centers and universities.

SAHA Istanbul will organize the defense industry “metaverse” fair. It is expected to participate from 104 countries in the field of defense, aerospace and space technologies and brings the domestic defense industry together with the world. SAHA EXPO, After the physical fair at Istanbul Expo Center Yeşilköy between 25-28 October this year, visitors from all over the world will be able to visit the fair with their avatars and examine the projects. It will also hold the “metaverse” fair.

SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş, whose views were given in the statement, stated that the SAHA EXPO fair is not a defense industry fair where guns and rifles are sold and said, “The industrial expertise fair of the industrialists who produce them. There is no other fair in the world with this concept, we will launch a world brand in this field. SAHA Expo. We are carrying out the project under the auspices of our Presidency with the cooperation of 5 Ministries and the Defense Industry Presidency. Official correspondence is carried out with 104 countries.” used his statements.

Noting that the fairs produced a very serious economy, Keleş said:

“We will support opening our own companies to the world. We conduct a survey on the companies participating in the exhibition and in this context, in which area we will provide added value before participating in the exhibition, for example, as your customer with these companies, as a supplier candidate with these companies, as a business development opportunity with these companies, if you need investment in this area. We will present it so that you can negotiate as an investor.

Companies participating in the fair will be target-oriented. In addition, we planned the fairground with the logic of city planning and we got the patent for this concept. We created a concept with bazaars and squares like a silk road. The main contractors will take place in these bazaars and squares.

SAHA EXPO will hold the world’s first defense industry ‘metaverse’ fair with the message of ‘prepare your avatars’. As SAHA Istanbul, we have always set our sights on the world, and we are chasing systems that do not exist in the world or compete with those in the world. Hopefully this year, SAHA EXPO will be positioned as a world brand. We reach many areas of the world such as Eastern Europe, North Africa, Europe and the Far East. We held the world’s first ‘hybrid defense industry fair’ at the fair last year. This year, we will hold the world’s first ‘metaverse’ fair.

As SAHA EXPO, we are moving forward by opening up the world in the defense industry. Visitors from all over the world will visit and tour the fair with their avatars. Participants will be able to take part with their own avatars. Those who cannot attend the fair will be able to attend the fair from all over the world with the ‘metaverse’. Companies participating in the physical fair will also take part in the metaverse fair free of charge on November 1, 2022 – February 15, 2023.”

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