Sector representatives: The number of Agricultural Credits is certain, the discounts do not spread to the general public.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that some products will be discounted in the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives markets. In addition to a 30-35% discount in cattle meat sales in these markets, prices will also be reduced for 30-40 types of products such as sugar and flour. It remains to be seen whether the reductions in Agricultural Credit will affect prices across Turkey.

Sector representatives are of the opinion that the discounts to be made in Agricultural Credit, which has a limited number of branches, will not be generalized. TOBB Food Council President Buzbaş stated that very few people can benefit from the discounts and said, “There are 30 items, but how much each is sold is important.” Tüfekci, President of Istanbul Retailer Butchers Chamber of Craftsmen, said, “The sales of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives will harm our tradesmen.”

“It will benefit 3-5 people”

Noting that the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives are public branches that receive support from the state, TOBB Food Council President Necdet Buzbaş said, “Agricultural Credit Cooperatives are now told to make a discount, even if at a loss. It does not bind our other sales. It will be just like candy. How was the sugar; Türkşeker’s was half price, special ones were sold for one and a half times. While Türkşeker was selling its sack for 500 liras, the private sector was selling it for 900 liras. Same thing will happen here. But there is something like this; Since the number of branches is certain, very few citizens will benefit from this discount. Maybe 3-5 people will benefit from there, other than that, Turkey will not do anything to the prices in general. There are 30 items in terms of variety, but how much of each is sold is important.”

“Sales will hurt the tradesmen”

Noting that the average cost of carcass meat currently costs the villagers between 88-95 liras, Istanbul Retailer Butchers Chamber of Craftsmen Aydın Tüfekci said that when this is reduced by 30-35 percent, there will definitely be sales at the expense of the state. Tüfekçi said, “Agricultural Credit Cooperatives have a non-profit purpose, this is being implemented. This discount will be a sale at a loss, since it is a new development, it has not been clearly explained how it will be suspended. But they definitely have something to convey to us. The number of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives is certain and sales will be made there. The sales of the artisans are separate, but there will be a problem with the general sales. After the statement of our President, 30-40 colleagues called me; ‘My President, how will we draw a path, how will we do it, how will we respond to the citizens?’ they ask. The sales of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives will definitely harm our tradesmen. An average kilo of carcass has 25 percent bone. Currently, 1 kilo of meat we buy for 100 liras costs us 47 percent. The tradesman will also put a profit on it. We calculated these prices at the IHC two years ago with the costs of that day in Turkey in general. Today’s energy and operating expenses are not included.

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