Shiite leader Sadr in Iraq described the national dialogue meeting he did not attend as useless

The Shiite leader published a message from his “Leader’s Minister” social media account about the national dialogue meeting held at the government palace in the capital Baghdad yesterday, to which the Sadr Movement did not send a representative.

In his message, Muqtada es-Sadr described the meeting where many political leaders came together as useless and said:

“The dialogue meeting meant nothing in terms of people’s dignity, expectations and service to the people. The only concern of most of the attendees is to retain their seats. Our revolution demands that they leave their posts.”

Emphasizing that the Iraqi people will not bow to the current politicians, Sadr said, “Your secret meetings do not concern us in any way. There is no good in your dialogue talks.” used the phrases.

Iraqi President Berhem Salih, Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Fayik Zeydan, United Nations (UN) Iraq Mission Representative Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and representatives of the Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish, Turkmen and Christian community in the country held a meeting in Baghdad yesterday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi. had met.

A representative from the Sadr Movement did not attend the meeting, where the political crisis in the country was discussed.

The political leaders, who agreed to “hold early elections within the constitutional framework” for the exit from the crisis, decided to continue the national dialogue meetings in order to draw the road map within this framework.

The leaders also called on the Sadr Movement to participate in these national dialogue meetings.

Political crisis in Iraq

Muqtada es-Sadr, the Shiite religious and political leader with the largest mass base in Iraq, was unable to form the government even though he won the election in October 2021, and then announced that he had resigned from politics by resigning his deputies in his group. The task of forming a government after Sadr had passed to its rival Coordination Framework.

Sadr supporters started protesting after the Coordination Framework announced that it had chosen former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammed Shia Sudani as its prime minister candidate.

Sadr’s loyalists have been holding sit-ins in the Parliament garden in the Green Zone in Baghdad for more than two weeks. The Assembly cannot convene because of the actions in question.

Sadr wants early elections with the constitution, judicial administration and regime change. Sadr’s rival, the Iran-backed Shiite Coordination Framework, opposes these demands, stating that this should be decided by the Assembly.

Supporters of the Shiite Coordination Framework continue their sit-ins at the Green Zone gate on the grounds of “protecting the state and the constitution”.

Sadr, leaving the calls of the Coordination Framework executives to “return to the table” unanswered, stated that he would not sit at the negotiation table with them again.

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