(Sky Observation Event) Our young people participating in this event will be the most successful scientists of tomorrow

In his speech at the Sky Observation Event held at the TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG) in Antalya Saklıkent, Varank stated that the observation activity could not be held in Antalya for 2 years due to Kovid-19 and forest fires, and this longing would be fulfilled with today’s event.

Explaining that they are now spreading the science and technology torch, which they lit in Antalya with sky enthusiasts, to many cities of Anatolia, Varank said:

“You may remember, our first route this year was Diyarbakır’s Zerzevan Castle. We experienced unique idioms by blending the history and nature of Zerzevan with astrology. Then we held our sky observation event in Van, at the place used by the terrorist organization to recruit people for the mountain. I also said, “While someone puts Kalashnikovs in the hands of young people and sends them to the mountains and to death, we direct our children to space and science by giving telescopes to them. I know these words make some people very uncomfortable, but I will continue to say them everywhere. Because we remove all traces of them from wherever we root out terrorism.” Those regions will no longer be remembered with blood and tears, but with science and technology.”

Explaining that they went to Erzurum after Van and watched the sky together on the roof of Anatolia, Varank said that this is an important step for Erzurum, but hopefully the name of Erzurum will be heard more often in space studies in the near future.

Stating that they will install Europe’s largest telescope in its field in the Eastern Anatolia Observatory, which they built in Erzurum, with a huge investment, Varank continued his words as follows:

“With its high resolution and technology, this will be a telescope that will compete with the Hubble telescope. Thus, it will carry out works that will make a worldwide impact. Our main aim in our work is to stimulate the curiosity of science, technology, space and astronomy in our children. We believe that this experience is here today. Our children, who live and study the stars, moon and planets, will be the most important scientists of tomorrow. We are happy that our efforts do not go unrewarded. Our people and citizens from all over Turkey, from 7 to 77, flock to our sky observation activities. When you look at the numbers, a total of 30 in 3 observation activities. We hosted more than a thousand visitors. Personally, I would like to thank everyone who made us experience this unique experience and contributed to the organization of the events. I have no doubt that today, very special times await our visitors from 52 different cities. We will observe your face.”

Stating that there are four fully automatic optical telescopes, two of which are robotic, in the sky observation event, Varank noted that thanks to these telescopes, nearly 500 national and international observation projects have been carried out and many discoveries have been made.

Stating that the participants who come here with these telescopes tomorrow will be able to observe, Varank said:

“You will have the opportunity to examine the moon, the largest planet of the solar system, Jupiter, and the ringed planet Saturn with the same telescopes. Seminars and various workshops on the science of space and astronomy will be at your service during the day. Our activities continue not only at night, but throughout the day. I want to express this in particular. I will not be able to accompany you very much today. I came to all the events, I stayed in the tents myself, but today I have to return to Istanbul. I will not be with you for a long time tonight. But when I look at this community, I am really excited and I am really excited. I want to ask the young people. Young people, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, their precious families? Are you ready too? 4 days full of space and astronomy are waiting for you. I hope you will leave here with the best memories in the best way. Dear guests, we now know very well that a country Its independence is at the same level as its economic and technological independence. Under the leadership of our President, we put forward our vision of the National Technology Move to build an independent Turkey. This vision is the name of the vision of making Turkey a global base in technology production. It is the whole of the policies we put forward from the defense industry to the automotive industry, from space sciences to software technologies. Thank God, we are also reaping the fruits of our efforts within the framework of this vision.”

Stating that the success of the country in the defense industry is known to everyone, Varank underlined that they have now developed many critical technologies from Bayraktar to Gökbey helicopters, from TCG Anadolu Ship to National Combat aircraft, with domestic and national means.

“The UAVs we produce have already begun to change the fate of wars. Similarly, we are preparing to make history with TOGG in the automotive industry.” Varank said, “We are taking firm steps towards becoming a new center in the changing and transforming automotive industry with our innately electric technological vehicle. We will launch the TOGG factory on October 29 and take the first vehicle off the mass production line.” he said.

Noting that by realizing a 100-year-old dream on the anniversary of the foundation of the Republic, they will once again show the world what our people can achieve when they actually believe, Varank said:

“Our National Space program, on which we as the government are meticulously focused on, continues unabated. We will launch our national observation satellite IMECE into its orbit at the beginning of 2023. I hope we will send a Turkish citizen to be selected to the International Space Station for 10 days in 2023 to carry out scientific activities. The selection processes continue with great care. And there are volunteers in this community who want to go with their heart. Let’s see who will proudly represent our country on the International Space Station, who will carry our crescent and star, red flag to the International Space Station first, and we will excitedly follow these processes. “I hope we will share with the public our citizen who will go to space before the end of this year. Of course, we need to specify. We never leave alone our young people, whom we see as the carrier of the National Technology Move and projects of critical importance. On the one hand, we provide our young people with different talents in science and technology centers. On the other hand, we instill a culture of research into them through science festivals and competitions. While our young people have the opportunity to exhibit the rockets, unmanned aerial vehicles and submarines they have developed at TEKNOFEST, they learn to work as a team. We also enjoy guiding our young people on this path.”

“We will write Turkey’s success story with the youth”

Minister Varank said that they have worked hard for the children and youth of the future and will continue to do so.

Stating that they will write Turkey’s success story with young people, Varank cited TEKNOFEST as an example. Stating that they ignited this fire in Anatolia and that they will organize TEKNOFEST Black Sea between August 30 and September 4 this year, Varank invited all of Turkey to Samsun.

Varank stated that the participants of the event will witness which domestic and national technologies Turkey has developed at TEKNOFEST Black Sea, and continued his words as follows:

“Some of them are always worried about pumping negativity. They always say, ‘Young people want to leave this country.’ They want to confuse people and young people with false and false information. Those who say this really want to see what the young people are doing, what they can do, what their abilities are. Let them come together and see what they are doing when given the opportunity. Let them witness how our young people work so hard for our country and nation and meet our young inventors. But we know that they do not have such courage. We are fighting these lies in every political platform, but we do not pollute our conversation with our youth with these fake agendas, because we have a long way to go with our youth in the light of technology and science.”

“Tomorrow’s Aziz Sancars will emerge from among our youth here”

Stating that they will always continue to walk together with the young people, Varank emphasized that they will not divide the young people into generations like someone else, they will always unite them, they will show the value of being together in a concrete way, and that they will carry this spirit to every corner of Anatolia.

Minister Varank said that the Sky Observation Event was organized with great effort and there was great effort in the organization. Thanking those who contributed to the organization of the event, Varank said, “We are doing these events in a collaborative way, we are very pleased with the results. I hope we will continue these events. Our young people who participate in this event will be the most successful scientists of tomorrow. The Aziz Sancars of tomorrow will be among our youth here. We We strongly believe in that.” used the phrases.

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