Speed limits on country roads to be reduced to 20mph under ‘absurd’ pilot scheme | UK | News

The plan to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 20 or 30mph has been introduced in a bid to tackle dangerous driving from joyriders and scrambler motorcycles, which are at risk of colliding with other vehicles.

The new restrictions will be trialled across an area about 80 miles south of the M25 between Guildford and Dorking in Surrey.

According to figures from the Department of Transport, rural roads are more dangerous than urban ones, accounting for 57 percent of road traffic fatalities despite only making up 43 percent of traffic.

However, the AA has raised concerns that these measures will not necessarily have the desired outcome, as a 20mph speed restriction “only makes sense where there is a specific danger”.

Luke Bosdet from the group told The Telegraph: “Speed limits work in places where they make sense to the drivers, where there is a particular hazard that requires drivers to slow down.

“The problem is 20mph zones pop up all over the place and they’ve lost their meaning.

“The Government has always said that drivers going along the road should always be able to understand why the speed limit is what it is.

“If you do blanket speed limits in areas where drivers see a straight country road with no obvious dangers in front, they will think ‘I will go back up to the national speed limit for this type of road’.”

On GB News, Mark Dolan vented his frustration at the proposed speed limit changes, calling out the “global assault on the idea of private car ownership”.

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“Even the motorway has been emasculated as ‘slow down by stealth’ has been achieved with those ridiculous average speed cameras, meaning that motorways like the M1 taking you from London to the Midlands or vice versa will see you glued to 50[mph] for most of the trip.

“In my view it’s part of a wider policy to make driving as inefficient, slow and miserable as possible.

“When it comes to these crazily slow speed limits, we must campaign to reverse some of these restrictions and replace ideology with common sense.

“Why not ask drivers? Punishing motorists and making driving harder than ever is the last thing our battered economy needs right now.”

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