Statement from the Ministry on the allegations against the Marmara Sea SEPA

In the statement made on the social media account of the Ministry, it was stated that there was a need to make a statement and to inform the public correctly due to a “lie, unfounded, groundless” article in a newspaper today as “Mucilage is an excuse, blocking is wonderful”.

Reminding that the mucilage problem in the Sea of ​​Marmara was resolved in a short time last year and the sea was declared a “Special Environmental Protection Area”, the following was noted in the statement:

“After the announcement of the SEPA, the waste sources that cause sea pollution were more tightly controlled. In this way, the pollution in the Marmara Sea decreased, so that the species began to increase again. In the meantime, the statements in the article in question, ‘The main purpose is mucilage is an excuse, it is wonderful to prevent’. “It is unfair and unscrupulous, to say the least, against those who carry the Sea of ​​Marmara to the future with a spirit of mobilization. It is an incomprehensible claim to say that environmental protection has become politicized after the SEPAs were attached to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.”

In the statement, it was stated that only the whole of the Adalar district in Istanbul is within the area declared as SEPA, and that the SEPA border covers the sea side of the coastline, except for this district, “Therefore, the authority to approve the plan was again in our Ministry before the SEPA zone was announced. “The plans of an area have not been stopped. The decision of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board will be taken by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and approved after it is sent to our Ministry. Every decision in the SEPAs is taken with the valuable contributions of scientists and with a common mind.” expression was used.

In addition, the following statements were included in the statement, which stated that the procedures were carried out in a transparent manner with the decisions of the Natural Heritage Conservation Commission and the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board:

“Besides all these, the article claimed, ‘After the Marmara Sea was declared as a SEPA, this area was limited by the powers of the IMM with the Ministry’s letter.’ The statement is completely untrue. Contrary to the allegation, there is no letter sent by our Ministry to IMM on this matter. No information and documents have been sent to our Ministry for the demolition of the amusement park in question in Avcılar district. Therefore, it is a false statement that our Ministry did not make an assessment. Road Project was submitted to our Commission for the Conservation of Natural Assets without a zoning plan, and our Commission requested that the zoning plans be prepared and submitted.In this context, there is no pending project in our Ministry. There are no offers.”

The statement, stating that “IBB and CHP municipalities were blocked after the Marmara Sea was declared as a SEPA,” was “the product of a sick thought”, the following assessment was made:

“The real question that a responsible member of the press or media organization should undoubtedly ask is: ‘Which step was intended to be taken for the benefit of the nation and was it prevented?’ Those who hide behind the excuse that we are blocked every time until today should know that this policy, which produces excuses instead of producing works, has no gain. The idea that the municipalities on the coast of Marmara are only CHP municipalities cannot be explained by mere ignorance. This is also a perception aimed at creating the infrastructure of the ‘we are blocked’ policy It also shows that it is an order news work. To produce works, to serve our Istanbul, the Sea of ​​Marmara, our 39 districts, our nature, our rivers, our seas, our lakes, despite those who turn the inability to serve, lack of vision, and environmental pollution into an unfortunate luck in the provincial and district municipalities they manage. We will continue to protect and preserve all our natural riches with determination and determination.”

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