Statements about Turkey’s borrowing from the IMF are unrealistic

Nebati shared on his Twitter account, Chairman of the IYI Party Economic Policies Prof. Dr. Regarding Bilge Yılmaz’s allegations, “You claimed in a broadcast you attended yesterday that Turkey borrowed 6.5 billion dollars from the IMF. Either you don’t know the issue or you know and distort it. Both situations are sad for you.” used the phrases.

Stating that the IMF provides SDR (Special Drawing Rights) allocation, in other words, unconditional reserve support to support member countries, Nebati noted that SDR allocations are made to 190 member countries in proportion to their quota shares.

In this context, Nebati stated that last year, 112.9 billion dollars of reserves were provided to the USA, 36 billion dollars to Germany, and 4.15 billion dollars to South Africa. stated that $6.3 billion has been allocated for

Pointing out that no agreement has been signed with the IMF on this issue or that a program relationship has not been entered into, Nebati said, “This opportunity is a resource open to the use of all member countries. The statements regarding Turkey’s borrowing from the IMF are unrealistic. I leave the link of our Ministry’s press release made in August 2021 for you again.” made evaluations.

In the press release dated August 26, 2021, which Minister Nebati added to his share, Turkey has been a member of the IMF since 1947 and has a 0.98 percent capital share in the said organization, and the IMF’s member countries on August 23, 2021 due to the Kovid-19 outbreak. It was stated that it provided a total of 650 billion dollars SDR allocation, in other words, unconditional reserve support. Pointing out that SDR allocations were made to 190 member countries at the rate of their quota shares, it was stated in the statement that 6.3 billion dollars were allocated to Turkey to correspond to the quota share in the IMF, and that no agreement was signed with the IMF on this issue or a program relationship was not entered into.

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