Syria: Our citizens in Lebanon may begin to return; we will provide all kinds of help

A Syrian cabinet minister said that Syrian refugees in Lebanon could begin to return to their countries, and that the authorities would provide all kinds of assistance in the process.

Lebanon’s Minister of Migration and Refugees, Isam Şerafeddin, which hosts approximately 1 million Syrians, and the local Minister of Local Administration Hüseyin Mahluf, who met in the capital Damascus, made statements about the situation of refugees.

“Doors are open for the return of Syrian refugees.” Mahluf stated that the Syrian state is ready to assist the returnees.

Mahluf noted that shelters will be allocated to those who lost their homes during the war.

More than 5 million Syrians, mostly in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, had fled the country because of the war.

In recent years, some Syrian refugees have returned to the country after President Bashar Assad took control of most of the country.

With the onset of economic difficulties in Lebanon, one of the countries hosting the highest number of refugees per capita, calls for the return of Syrian refugees have increased.

Refugee Minister Isam Sharafeddin said last month that he hopes that 15,000 Syrians will be repatriated every month in the near future.

On the other hand, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and human rights organizations oppose forced returns, arguing that this could endanger the lives of refugees.

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