Syria statement from Erdogan: We do not have a problem with defeating Assad or not

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave the message that ‘peace’ steps can be taken regarding the Syria policy in the coming period.

Pointing to the example of the relations that have recently developed with Egypt at the level of ministers, Erdogan said, “Political dialogue or diplomacy between states can never be cut off” on Syria.

Answering journalists’ questions on the plane on his return from his visit to Ukraine, Erdogan said, “We have no problem with defeating Assad or not.”

“We don’t have a problem with defeating Assad or not”

President Erdoğan said: “You have made statements that you respect Syria’s territorial integrity from the very beginning. Although the Geneva processes were cited as an example, when the Minister of Foreign Affairs repeated his statement on this issue, the opposition in particular had a perception that “Turkey could not defeat Assad, now it is laying the groundwork for an agreement.” We both want to learn the latest situation on Syria and ask you to evaluate the opposition’s point of view. ?” also answered the question.

“We do not have a problem with defeating Assad or not. If the opposition in Turkey brings the event to such a point, it will reveal both the quality and the gram of the opposition,” said Erdogan, adding that with all the steps taken in Syria, especially the Euphrates He reminded that there is a fight against terrorism in the work carried out with the Russians in the region from the east and west of Turkey to the Mediterranean.

Pointing out that they are continuing the fight against terrorism together here, Erdoğan said:

“While we do some of these together with the Russians, we carry out some of them with our own soldiers and security forces. I always say, one of the most important features of democracy is the strong opposition. Of course, we do not have a strong opposition. Here is the problem. So there is no news about what is going on in Syria. We, on the other hand, take it from the Obama era, and we continue our struggle there with the same determination. Our statement is not in vain. This is done when the time comes. But let me also say this, once in Turkey, no one asked, ‘Are you ready for something like this?’ Let him not ask the question. We are prepared for all these things. Just as we are prepared, we have the power to do whatever is necessary moment by moment.”

“The USA, which primarily feeds terrorism in Syria”

Expressing that the USA is currently piling up thousands of trucks of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and equipment in the region, Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:

“Who is he doing this hoarding? Totally terrorist organizations. The USA cannot say, ‘I did not feed terrorism.’ “It is the US and coalition forces that primarily feed terrorism in Syria, they did it ruthlessly and they still do it. They did not get tired of it, and they fed the same in Iraq. To whom? Again to terrorist organizations. If there is unrest in Iraq today, unfortunately, they are doing it. America lies again. And they go so far as to meet with the notables of these terrorist organizations at the White House. We know all of these. They exist. Likewise, Russia is in solidarity with the regime. We discussed these issues with them during this visit. “I said we need it. Let’s cooperate with Russia in such a way that we can fight against terrorism in Syria, especially in the north of Syria, regardless of east or west. Now we always ask, where do these terrorists find their source? Here is the one who is extracting the poor quality oil in Qamishli.” terrorists. So who is buying it? The regime is taking it. The regime is the source of money. They are buying it. All these facts are obvious. On the other hand And there are always Iran’s accounts here. These accounts are before us. We want that we do not prolong the process here any longer. We do not have eyes on Syria’s territory because the people of Syria are our brothers. We have no such problem there. The integrity of their territory is important to us. The regime must be aware of this.”

Noting that they also discussed these with Putin during his Sochi visit, Erdoğan said: “My hope is that the constitution for the coming period will be made as soon as possible in Syria, this will be secured and steps will be taken to solve all the problems of the people at this point. Right now, from there. “We are hosting 4 million people in our country. While we are hosting all these, are we doing this so that we are constantly at war with the regime? No. We do this because of our ties with the Syrian people, especially in terms of religious values. Maybe the next process will be much better.” ” said.

“Political dialogue or diplomacy between states can never be cut off”

“While these discussions were going on, a statement by Mr. Devlet Bahceli drew attention. Referring to the fight against terrorism in northern Syria, ‘Political dialogue talks or contact with Syria should be taken seriously to the level of political dialogue.’ How would you evaluate these words?” He answered the question as follows:

“We need to know and accept this for once. Political dialogue or diplomacy between states can never be cut off. There will always be such dialogues, there should be. There is even a saying, ‘Do not break the bond even with a thread, let that bond continue. There will be a day. would be needed.’ Now, for example, we maintain our contacts with Egypt at a lower level, at the level of our ministers in the region. These relations do not happen out of the blue. You cannot completely disable diplomacy. The whole world has seen how much we need diplomacy. We have always been part of the solution. Move our hands about solving the Syrian problem. “We put it under it. Our goal was regional peace, it was to protect our country from the serious threats of this crisis and the risks.”

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