Terrifying moment beachgoer wrestles SHARK in shallow water with families heard screaming after attacks along US coast

A MAN was filmed wrestling with a shark as the animal was spotted off the coastline on a popular beach on Sunday.

Beachgoers were left stunned as their relaxing day turned to chaos after the animal washed ashore in Smith Point County Park, New York, on August 15.

Video captured the shocking moment a beachgoer wrestled a shark on the shore


Video captured the shocking moment a beachgoer wrestled a shark on the shoreCredit: Jam Press/@yessiryesher/LOCAL NE
Some viewers were left shocked by the man's actions while one person revealed what may have been the reason behind the interaction


Some viewers were left shocked by the man’s actions while one person revealed what may have been the reason behind the interactionCredit: Jam Press Vid/@yessiryesher/LOCA

In the clip, a man can be seen standing in shallow waters as he pulls a grey tail toward the surface.

As he drops the animal, people can be heard screaming in the background, before the shark attempts to swiftly swim away.

Despite this, the man tries once again to pull the fish into shore but runs away each time the tide comes in.

A woman can be heard saying: “holy s**t” repeatedly as the man wrestles with the shark on land.

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As the animal is caught within the man’s grip, he proceeds to ask for help from a bystander.

Uploaded on Instagram stories, there were further updates on the unwelcome visitor – including a snap of two men holding the shark as people film in the background.

However, people were left shocked by the man’s actions, with many questioning his reason for taking the shark from its natural habitat.

In another post, uploaded by a local sightings account, people shared their thoughts.

“SHARKS LIVE IN THE OCEAN!!” one person commented.

Another person added: “Leave em alone it’s there home we invade.” [sic]

“Any reason why they pull that shark out of the water? Isn’t it habitat?” someone else said.

One person said: “Kind of wish the shark had bit this guy. Leave the animals alone!”

“Poor shark,” another viewer commented.

Someone else offered insight into their actions, giving a valid reason for the removal.

“I’m guessing by the bolt cutter in the first picture they’re actually trying to remove a fishing hook, although the video would make it appear their intentions are malicious,” the person said.

In recent months, shark sightings and attacks have been on the rise across the US, with one man’s leg left in “shreds” after he was “mauled” off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida.

At least six shark attacks were reported in only a few weeks.

Max Haynes, 16, was one of six victims who have been bitten.

He was surfing on Fire Island when his foot was chomped on.

“I felt something on my foot like a bear trap, just get me from below. It went straight for my foot and clamped down. It felt like it broke my foot,” he told The Post.

Shawn Donnelly, 41, was knocked off his surfboard when a sand tiger shark attacked off the coast of Smith Point Beach on July 13.

He was left with a four-inch gash wound to the leg.

A 49-year-old tourist from Arizona was attacked by a shark at Seaview Beach on the same day.

Police said the “shark came up from behind and bit him on the left wrist and buttocks.”

John Mullins, 17, who was participating in lifeguard training, was attacked by a shark on July 7.

Lifeguard Zach Gallo, 33, was also bitten while he was doing training exercises at Smith Point Beach on July 3.

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A great white shark carcass also washed up on a beach in Quogue Village last month. It was 7 to 8 feet long.

Several south shore beaches were closed due to the recent sightings.

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