The ammunition depot exploded in the Crimea; Russia called it ‘sabotage’

The attention of the world public was turned from the war in Ukraine to two separate fires, one of which resulted in a big explosion on Tuesday, and to Crimea, where approximately 2 thousand people were evacuated during the day.

The second incident that took place in the last week in Crimea, which was illegally annexed by Russia in 2014, raised questions about whether the Ukrainian forces succeeded in hitting the peninsula.

In the videos published on social media, dense smoke rising above the flames is seen, while successive explosion sounds are heard in the background.

“The Russian-occupied Crimea consists of explosions in warehouses and a high risk of death for invaders and thieves,” said Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the Ukrainian Presidential Office.

However, Podolyak did not specify whether Ukraine was involved in the incident.

In a statement made by the Russian Ministry of Defense on the subject, it was noted that a fire broke out in the area where the ammunition of a military unit was temporarily stored near the village of Mayskoye in the Canköy region of Crimea.

It was stated that the ammunition exploded as a result of the fire.

According to the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, in another incident that took place in the morning hours in Canköy, a fire broke out in a substation after a ‘loud crashing sound’.

Regarding the incident at the electricity substation close to the village of Mayskoye, the Russian Ministry of Energy shared the information that the fire was brought under control soon.

It is not clear whether the fire in the substation and the fire in the ammunition depot are related to each other.

While Kyiv gave the message that there would be chaos in the region from now on, Moscow reported that the ammunition temporarily stored in the Crimea exploded.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the military warehouse exploded as a result of “sabotage”.

In a statement made by the ministry, “The military warehouse near the Canköy settlement was damaged as a result of sabotage. In the incident, the civilian infrastructure, power plant, railways and civilian houses were damaged.” statements were included. In the statement, it was noted that necessary measures were taken to eliminate the consequences of sabotage.

The Canköy region of Crimea is located in the north of the peninsula, approximately 50 kilometers from the Russian-controlled Kherson region in the south of Ukraine.

In recent days, Kyiv has launched attacks on various points in the region, targeting the supply routes and ammunition depots of the Russian army.

The (alleged) Governor of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, appointed by Russia, reported that two people were injured in the last incident and local people were evacuated from the area as ammunition explosions continued.

Aksyonov reported that some residences near the fire area were damaged and about 2,000 people were evacuated nearby.

Railway lines passing through Mayskoye were also damaged, according to Russian media.

Aksyonov also stated that all train services will stop in the town of Vladislavovka, about 90 kilometers south of Mayskoye, and that passengers can continue their journey by buses.

Last week, explosions took place at the Saki airbase, again near the Crimean village of Novofedorivka.

The Russian army attributed the explosions to the accidental detonation of the ammunition, but it was understood that the incident was the result of a Ukrainian attack. Kyiv reported that it destroyed 9 Russian aircraft in the explosions.

The Crimean Peninsula has strategic and symbolic importance for both sides.

The Kremlin’s demand from Ukraine to recognize Crimea as part of Russia is one of the main conditions it has put forward for ending the conflict.

The Ukrainian side, on the other hand, states that it will continue the war until they remove the Russians from the peninsula, as well as from all other occupied territories.

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