The book ‘Turkey’s Friendly Hand: Humanitarian Diplomacy’ by the Presidency of Communications

According to the statement made by the Presidency of Communications, the book, which analyzes Turkey’s foreign aid from the perspective of public diplomacy and nation branding, deals with the foreign aid provided by Turkey from past to present.

Revealing Turkey’s strong tradition in humanitarian aid, stemming from its history and culture, the book emphasizes that Turkey carries out its humanitarian diplomacy activities in a way that has earned the title of being “the most generous country in the world”.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s introductory letter, Director of Communications Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Altun’s preface includes titles such as Turkey’s foreign aid and soft power, nation branding and foreign aid relations, Turkey and humanitarian diplomacy, types of foreign aid, its historical development and place in foreign policy, and humanitarian diplomacy during the pandemic period. taking.

In the book, which includes examples of how aid is made and delivered by institutions such as TIKA, Turkish Red Crescent, AFAD and Turkish Religious Foundation, mask and medicine aids during the coronavirus epidemic are also mentioned. Underlining that Turkey is a country that does not spare its friendly hand to those in need, the book emphasizes that Turkey differs from many donor countries because of the aid it provides.

“Turkey comes to the rescue wherever there is an oppressed”

In the presentation of the book, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that problems such as conflicts, wars, injustices, inequalities, terrorism, epidemics, climate change, migration and racism across the world cause deep humanitarian crises.

Pointing out that countries could not show the necessary solidarity in the face of these problems that affect all humanity and that no country can cope with alone, Erdoğan said that international institutions could not implement the will and steps for a solution expected from them.

Expressing that this picture necessitates Turkey to take more responsibility in the face of global developments as well as the events taking place in its immediate geography, Erdoğan emphasized that Turkey has an active presence in a wide range from the fight against terrorism to peace diplomacy, from global system reform to development aid.

In the introduction to the book, Erdogan said:

“An important dimension of these efforts, which are carried out with the goal of a fairer world, rises on the basis of humanitarian diplomacy. As Turkey, we host our brothers who took refuge in our country to save their lives from the civil war in Syria and the attacks of terrorist organizations, by offering them services that are unmatched in the world. Turkey, which hosts a large number of refugees, ranks first in the world in humanitarian aid in proportion to national income. Turkey’s friendly hand today is to reach all corners of the world, regardless of religion, language, color or region. Both our voluntary organizations, foundations, Our associations and our official institutions come to their aid wherever there is an oppressed, victimized and needy.In the epidemic period when developed countries were completely introverted, Turkey once again showed the importance it attaches to sharing and solidarity by providing medical supplies to 161 countries and 12 international organizations. ir.”

Stating that he believes the book “Turkey’s Friendly Hand: Humanitarian Diplomacy”, prepared by the Presidency of Communications, will also be a work that emphasizes the breadth of heart of the Turkish nation and the example that our country sets for the world in this field, Erdoğan said: I wish you success.” used the phrases.

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun also shared on his social media account, “I believe that Turkey’s Friendly Hand: Humanitarian Diplomacy book, prepared by our Presidency, will raise awareness about our country’s humanitarian and diplomatic humanitarian aid efforts. I wish it well.” made its assessment.

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