The demand for cheaper holidays is increasing with mutual house exchange: saving on accommodation and food

Over the past 10 years, Airbnb has significantly outstripped hotels and general rental homes as a vacation accommodation option. However, a serious competitor has emerged to these options at the moment.

Currently, you have the possibility to change your home to someone else’s home in your country or abroad. In fact, when you go to someone else’s house, someone else comes to your house, and the parties mutually make sure that their homes are well taken care of first. The only expense here is the registration fee you pay to become a member of the UK-based “Love Home Swap” application.

The number of people taking vacations in this way is increasing day by day. Compared to 2019, the rate of those who changed their homes through this application increased by 282 percent last year. Again in 2020, a 73 percent increase was observed in the rate of those who preferred this route only in May and June compared to the previous period.

It is possible that people preferred this method instead of staying in hotels or accommodation centers due to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, it is thought that the number of people who need this method in order to feel at home is quite high.

With the “Love Home Swap houses” application, we interviewed two families who preferred the management of changing houses.

Why did you choose the house change method?

Responding to this question, the head of the family expressed his views as follows: We are a family of 8 people, 6 of whom are children. Hotels where we have to eat out are very expensive for us. Moving house also allows us to take more trips where we are going, as we only have to pay for the trip. We don’t pay for accommodation, and the sense of adventure also appeals to us. “.

Why does house change appeal to you?

The answer to that question is as follows: “Relocation means we can stay in beautiful, comfortable and often centrally located accommodation that we would never normally stay in. We love the fact that houses are a home, so we feel instantly comfortable once we enter the house we trade in. Our children, especially those who stay in other children’s bedrooms, love places full of toys and books, which is very exciting (something you don’t normally find in self-catering accommodation). In addition, you have the opportunity to reach things you would not normally do, places you would not normally choose to go, and times of the year you would not normally go, thanks to this method.”

How many times and where have you been on house-changing holidays?

“We’ve been to London and the city of San Sebastian in Spain for a long weekend so far. Our last trade was canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We will trade with a family in Cambridge in October this year.”

What are the benefits of moving house and what do you find difficult about it?

“Lots of benefits! Beautiful homes where you can stay for free, closets full of food and ingredients you wouldn’t normally find on a self-catering holiday. Normally we tell our guests to use what they find, replace everything you use. There’s also the excitement of being suddenly contacted by people who want to stay at your home. We’ve had offers to travel to Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. The challenges are probably cleaning and tidying your house before you leave, along with all the packing you would normally have to do. I recommend bringing a housekeeper to clean the floors and bathrooms after you leave the house you traded in to relieve stress Other challenges can be finding swaps as you wish. You’ll need to send quite a few requests before you find someone willing to trade with you (this is where Love Home Swap’s points system can be useful), so get something as far in advance as possible. It is necessary to analyze.”

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