The latest Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip escalate tensions in the West Bank

Evaluating the results of the Tel Aviv administration’s attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip, which lasted for three days as of Friday, 5 August, experts commented that Israel may organize new detention operations and assassinations on the leaders of the Islamic Jihad Movement in the West Bank.

Experts who state that the West Bank is “always a source of concern” for Israel say that Israel sees the West Bank as “a domestic issue and part of its territory”.

In line with the opinions of experts, the Israeli army killed 3 Palestinians in its raid on Nablus yesterday. After the incident, protests took place between Israeli forces and Palestinian demonstrators in various parts of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli soldiers injured 7 Palestinians with live bullets in the events that took place in various parts of the West Bank, then a 17-year-old boy from the wounded died in the hospital.

“Israel uses Palestinian blood for electoral purposes”

Ayman Youssef, Political Science Lecturer at the Arab American University in Jenin, said that another spark could erupt in the West Bank from the conflict between Israel and Islamic Jihad.

Expressing that this may be due to the “fragile and uncertain” ceasefire agreement signed between Israel and Palestine, Yusuf predicted that Israel would carry out detention operations and assassinations targeting Islamic Jihad members in the West Bank.

Stating that the tension that Israel will escalate in the West Bank will focus on Jenin, where Palestinian armed groups are concentrated, especially in the north, Yusuf said that the members of the Islamic Jihad Movement would also want to avenge the assassinations of their rulers in Gaza. indicated that he could carry out operations.

Pointing to the early general election that will take place in Israel on November 1, Yusuf said, “Israel uses the blood of the Palestinians for electoral purposes.” said.

“Everything that happens in Gaza affects the West Bank”

Imad Awwad, Director of the Jerusalem Center for Israel Studies, said that if Israel continues its operations, “there will be an uproar in the West Bank”.

Avvad said, “The West Bank is always a source of concern for Israel. Everything that happens in Gaza affects the West Bank.” used the phrase.

Noting that “the new generation has an attitude that believes in resistance and adopts it as a strategic choice” in the Palestinian population, Avvad pointed out that this means that a conflict can break out at any moment.

Stating that Israel did not end the purge operations against the resistance leaders in the West Bank, Avvad said, “Considering Israel’s three-day attack on Gaza and the ceasefire that followed, these days, considering that Gaza has the opinion that it cannot interfere with what is happening in the West Bank. “Israel can be more daring in this policy,” he said.

Avvad evaluated the possibility of Israel’s latest attacks on the Gaza Strip to be effective in the elections in Israel as “weak”.

Pointing to the existence of a structural polarization between the right-wing led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the center front, where current Prime Minister Yair Lapid stands out, Avvad said, “The current Israeli government’s killing, detention, land confiscation and construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. such activities serve the settlers who do not support them in any election. However, they still do it.” said.

“The popularity of the Islamic Jihad Movement has increased”

Ahmed Rafik Avd, Director of the Center for Jerusalem Studies at the University of Jerusalem, is of the opinion that “the popularity of the Islamic Jihad Movement has increased, especially in the West Bank, after Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza.”

Avd said that Islamic Jihad “has succeeded in proving its strength, albeit alone, against Israel, far from profit-loss calculations.”

Pointing out that the Movement’s anger has increased after the recent attacks on Gaza, Avd said that he expects Islamic Jihad to organize a series of operations in the West Bank and Israel.

On the other hand, if the conditions are right, Israel can also advance its operations against Palestinian armed resistance leaders and members in the West Bank and Gaza, and stated that this situation will lead to an escalation of tension in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Nur Avde, an expert on Palestine, also expressed his agreement with the view that the popularity of Islamic Jihad has increased after the recent attacks.

Avde noted, however, that the Islamic Jihad Movement “has been dealt a bitter blow and needs a long time to recover after losing its powerfully influential leading leaders”.

Expressing that Israel has launched a new prosecution action against the leaders and cadres of the Movement in the West Bank, Avde said that this situation makes it seriously risky to declare that he is a member of the Islamic Jihad Movement.

Noting that Israel looks at the West Bank from a different perspective than the Gaza Strip, Avde said, “Israel sees the West Bank as its own internal matter. In other words, it looks at the West Bank as a part of Israel under the shadow of the increasing power of the far right.” said.

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