The number of users on the e-Government Gateway has exceeded 60 million

President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha Koç told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the e-Government Gateway is Turkey’s digital interface, where citizens can perform their transactions quickly and securely.

Stating that the need for electronic services in Turkey and the whole world was clearly understood in 2020 and 2021, especially due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, Koç stated that the use of the e-Government Gateway increased exponentially thanks to the digitization of the services needed by the citizens and the business world during the epidemic period.

Noting that the e-Government Gateway has facilitated the work of citizens since its establishment, Koç said:

“The importance of the e-Government Gateway increased with the epidemic period. The e-Government Gateway not only made things easier in extraordinary times such as the epidemic, but also helped our citizens save time. It continues to prove that it is a big step every day.”

Emphasizing that citizens carry out many transactions through the e-Government Gateway without leaving their homes in this process, Koç stated that 6,665 digital services belonging to 886 institutions are offered in the application, which was implemented in 2008.

“As of today, the e-Government Gateway, whose number of users has exceeded 60 million, continues on its way much stronger.” Koç said that this number of users corresponds to 91 percent of the population over the age of 15 who can be e-Government users.

“Integrated service” study

Stating that they are trying to move the services at the e-Government Gateway from being a single service to an integrated service form, Koç said:

“We make the lives of our citizens easier with integrated services such as My Vehicles, My Work Life and My Residence. Our integrated services are used extensively by our citizens. The My Vehicles integrated service, which was opened in 2020, has been used more than 310 million times to date.”

Pointing out that the integrated services “My Residence” and “My Vehicles” are counted among good practice examples in the 2022 e-Government Benchmark Report of the European Commission, Koç said that in the survey conducted over e-Government, 95 percent of the citizens benefiting from this service are satisfied with the services provided. gave the information.

Noting that the e-Government Gateway has been used effectively since its inception, Koç added that it will continue to be used effectively, quickly, reliably and with high satisfaction rates.

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