The share of participation banking in the sector will double

Çelik told Anadolu Agency (AA) that ancestral foundations are the main shareholders. Foundation ParticipationHe said that it was established in 2016 and it is the most powerful participation bank with paid-in capital in Turkey.

Stating that Vakıf Katılım continues its efforts to make the resources collected from citizens available to the industrialists, businessmen, tradesmen and artisans of this country, and that its main target area is SMEs, Çelik continued as follows:

“97 percent of the number of workplaces in the country consists of SMEs. 60 percent of employment is also provided by SMEs. Therefore, as Vakıf Katılım SMEWe are working on supporting our customers closely. In this context KOSGEB We stand by our SMEs through our cooperation with our SMEs in many provinces, through our Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and through our Development Agencies, and we stand by them in all their working capital needs and investment needs.”

“Our asset size has reached 150 billion liras”

Çelik emphasized that they are a bank that aims to grow with SMEs.

Stating that they have provided SMEs with resources of over 5 billion liras through the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) in the past period, Çelik stated that they have channeled a total of over 10 billion liras only to SMEs.

Stating that they are the fastest growing bank both among participation banks and in the banking sector in Turkey, Çelik said:

“In this sense, we have a strong capital. The capital structure is very important in terms of being able to do banking. We also manage this growth in a healthy way due to being the bank with the strongest paid-in capital. Since the beginning of the year, there has been a growth in the funds we have collected or the funds we have extended. “Our total asset size has reached 150 billion liras. Our total cash and non-cash funds have reached 120 billion liras. We continue to use this growth in serving our country.”

Çelik stated that they aim to increase the number of branches from 141 to 165 by the end of the year within the scope of the growth plan.

“The growth rate increased after public participation banks entered the market”

Stating that the future of participation banking in Turkey is clear, Çelik said, “Especially after the public participation banks entered the market, the growth rate increased. 5 years ago, the share of participation banks in the banking sector was around 3-4 percent, now it has exceeded 8 percent. For the next 5 years It is aimed to increase this share to 15 percent. said.

Osman Çelik pointed out that the growth rate of participation banks is higher than that of traditional banks.

Stating that participation banks are institutions that have been adopted by the citizens and the business world as they are completely within the industry and the business world, Çelik said, “I think that participation banking will increase its effectiveness in the country’s economy in the coming period.” used the phrase.

Çelik added that as Vakıf Katılım, they have launched the Digital Guaranteed Fund Transfer product instead of payment instruments such as checks, promissory notes and bills for the first time in Turkey.

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