The treatment of the bear, who is exhausted because of missing the dose of honey, continues.

The treatment of the bear, which was found by the teams of Yığılca Forestry Management Directorate, continues in the protection area of ​​Düzce Nature Conservation and National Parks Provincial Directorate, where it was delivered.

Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Manager Mevlüt Şanlı Şimşek told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they started the treatment of the bear quickly.

Speaking about the process of bringing the bear to them the previous day, Şimşek said, “When our bear first came to us, he was exhausted and unable to walk. Our teams brought him to the veterinarian and we started the treatment process here. He is in good health. We plan to release him to his natural environment when he regains his health.” he said.

Expressing that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s effort to name the bear was very well received, Şimşek said, “Our Ministry has worked on a name. We think they are doing it to make our people more sensitive to this issue. There are very good suggestions and comments. We aim to name it by name and leave our bear in its natural environment.” used his statements.

“We immediately started shock therapy”

Veterinarian Murat Ünlü said that when they examined the baby brown bear, which is about 6 months old, they saw that the animal was not with him and that he was in shock and needed urgent intervention.

Noting that the bear’s x-ray was taken and the tests were done, Ünlü said, “The X-ray was clean. Clinically, the bear’s breathing was slow. He did not react. He had a painful moan. We immediately started shock therapy. We helped the bear come to himself with fluid therapy, serum-supporting drugs that accelerate circulation. We made detoxifying drugs.” made the statement.

Noting that there has been an improvement in the condition of the bear whose treatment continues, Ünlü said, “The bear is better looking at the day he first came. He walks. He consumes the food given. Hopefully, when the bear regains its health completely in the coming days, we will leave the bear with its mother, where it was taken.” said.

Pointing out that rhododendron honey is widely available in the region, Ünlü said, “I think our bear ate bitter honey because it was a baby and did not know it. The bees probably stung the bear. such symptoms appeared.” made its assessment.

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