There was also a reaction from the former prime ministers to the bill that stretched the ropes with the EU in the UK.

In the UK, the “Domestic Markets Bill”, which will unilaterally change the Brexit Agreement of the government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, received its first approval from the parliament. Despite the reaction of some Conservatives, it is stated that the bill, which was approved in the parliament, will only violate some articles of the Brexit agreement signed with Brussels if it is finally approved.

“We left the European Union, the transition period is about to expire, many jobs depend on this bill. It will be a good law for anyone who thinks about the sovereignty and integrity of our country,” said Boris Johnson.

Many former British prime ministers, including David Cameron, reacted to the situation and underlined that the UK would violate international rules.

What did former prime ministers say?

David Cameron has stated that “violating an international agreement should be the last thing to consider”.

“If we lose our reputation for keeping promises, our loss will be beyond the price,” said John Major.

“If I had done this, the Conservatives would accuse me of violating the rule of law,” Gordon Brown said.

Tony Blair said, ‘This latest gimmick has turned out to be unbelievably bad and it needs to be stopped.’ said

Theresa May said, ‘How will the government reassure international partners in the future that they can trust the country again?’ used the phrases.

European Union officials pointing the way to the court, on the other hand, want London to take a step back on the controversial bill.

Euronews correspondent Shona Murray quotes from Brussels: “Everyone in Brussels is wondering how the European Union will react when the bill that will violate international rules is approved. On the other hand, the European Union and the UK are again in Brussels today to shape relations for the future. “But trust between the parties remains at the lowest level. Significant progress is not expected.”

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