This selection will be a homing selection.

Coming to Sivas to participate in various programs, Kurtulmuş visited Governor Yılmaz Şimşek in his office and signed the book of honor.

Kurtulmuş later visited the Mayor of Sivas, Hilmi Bilgin.

Speaking here, Kurtulmuş thanked Bilgin for his services to Sivas.

Stating that the 2023 election process has been entered, Kurtulmuş said, “We have entered the final level in terms of the race. From now on, as the AK Party, we have always had the slightest hesitation in understanding and solving the problems of our citizens, who are constantly on the field, in our people and listening closely to our people’s problems and demands, as it has been until now. We continue our work with an understanding that does not show.” he said.

Stating that he came to Sivas after his visit to Tokat, Kurtulmuş said, “Turkey will actually face two important decisions in the 2023 elections. One of them will be acquitted of all the activities that the AK Party did during its 21-year rule in 2023. It is perhaps one of our provinces that receive good service.” used the phrases.

“This election will be a choice of direction determination”

Stating that they believe that the people of Sivas will acquit the AK Party in this election, as in the previous elections, Kurtulmuş continued as follows:

“This election will be a choice of direction. In order to carry the positive momentum that Turkey has gained in every field, in foreign policy, in economic development, in its activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, in solving its problems in the environment, in the fight against terrorism, and in the national defense industry, our citizen the AK Party government. In 2023, we believe that our nation will once again become strong by electing Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the ballot boxes and removing the AK Party government as the first party. We hope that he will once again confirm that he wants to march in the direction of Turkey, that the determination of the direction is correct. We continue our diligent work. We are a political cadre who believe in the human sense that our people are the sole judge and arbiter in democracy, even under the most difficult conditions. Thank you to no power above the word and power of the nation. We are a political cadre that did not listen to any word and did not allow any word to dominate. By Allah’s leave, 2023 will be a very vital choice in Turkey in this sense as well. I hope our nation will put Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the president again and the AK Party as the ruling party again with great power.

Stating that he will come together with the public during his visits in Sivas, Kurtulmuş said that he will have the opportunity to listen to different segments of the society.

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin gave Kurtulmuş a Sivasspor jersey and various gifts.

During his visit, Kurtulmuş was accompanied by AK Party Parliamentary Group Chairman and Sivas Deputy İsmet Yılmaz, AK Party Sivas MPs Mehmet Habib Soluk and Semiha Ekinci and party members.

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