Today, plans are being made to transform the Islamic geography into Karbala.

President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş stated that there are plans to transform the entire Islamic geography into Karbala by making small differences among Muslims a reason for fights, and said, “I would like to express that the whole Islamic world should be vigilant against this.” said.

Erbaş made a speech at the “Muharremiye and Karbala Martyrs’ Commemoration Program” organized by the Directorate of Religious Affairs at the Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque.

Stating that Muharram, which witnessed many important events in the history of the prophets, is a month worthy of respect, Erbaş stated that the migration at the beginning of the month of Muharram is a milestone for Muslims.

“Karbala, a symbol of loyalty”

In the Karbala Desert, St. Reminding that Hüseyin and more than 70 people, most of whom were members of the Ahl al-Bayt, were martyred on the 10th day of Muharram, Erbaş said, “We remember this pain every year for 1400 years. We remember that Hazrat Hussein was sacrificed to the most cruel event in history. It has been the common expression of the same pain for all Muslims, regardless of race, sect or culture. he said.

Erbaş stated that Karbala, which is the name of an honorable struggle against injustice, is the symbol of a noble march in the name of right and truth against all kinds of oppression, and said, “Karbala is the place where justice, courage, bravery and high morality are embodied in the person of our Master Hüseyin. Those who have fought honorably against oppression, with their noble stance, have earned an exceptional place in the hearts of those walking on the path of truth. Those who tortured those blessed souls and martyred them were condemned forever in the dark pages of human history, and the oppressors will see the real punishment for their actions in the Hereafter.” used the phrases.

President of Religious Affairs, Erbaş, continued as follows:

“Today, the Islamic world is in a season of sadness. In addition to the sadness that the pain experienced in Karbala brought to the hearts of believers, the wars and occupations that the Islamic world was subjected to, almost turned the homeland of Muslims into a land of sadness. Today, while the hearts of Hz. Many lives continue to be burned in the fire of strife, division and terror. Muslims who took lessons from Karbala should not have fallen into this situation. Karbala continues in the Islamic geography. We need to put an end to this. Muslims who take lessons from Karbala should not fall into this situation. Let me clearly state that today “There are plans to transform the entire Islamic geography into Karbala by making small differences between Muslims a cause of conflict. I would like to express that the whole Islamic world should be on the alert.”

Ali Erbaş stated that they had to read the painful events that took place in history such as Karbala correctly and act with common sense to eliminate the strife.

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