Trump did not answer questions using his constitutional right

“On the advice of my adviser and for all other reasons, within the rights and privileges afforded to every citizen under Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution, I refused to answer questions,” Trump said in a written statement, about an hour after he entered the attorney general’s office to testify. used the phrase.

Thereupon, he asked himself, “If you are innocent, why do you apply to Article 5?” Stating that he was asked, Trump said:

“I know the answer to that question, but when your family, your company, and everyone around you becomes the target of a politically motivated witch hunt backed by lawyers, prosecutors and the fake news media, you have no choice.”

Arguing that the current administration and many prosecutors in the country have lost all moral and ethical boundaries, Trump claimed that he had no choice but to exercise the “right not to testify against oneself” in the constitution.

Known as Article 5 (Fifth Amendment) in the US Constitution, the right refers to the right to remain silent by refusing to testify to the authorities in situations that may be against one’s own detriment.

Legal experts point out that if Trump testifies, he can open the door to possible civil and criminal liability and that everything he says can be used against him in a potential criminal case.

However, on the other hand, it is noted that his failure to testify based on Article 5 increases the risk of the jury making “negative inferences” and ruling against him during a criminal trial that may likewise be opened, as he refrains from answering the questions.

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