Turkey learned lessons from the 1999 earthquake

Minister Soylu, who was a guest of Kanal D Main News, emphasized that Turkey experienced great pain and trauma in the 17 August 1999 earthquake.

Soylu said, “We can forget the earthquake, but the earthquake will not forget us.”

Stating that the world has experienced 350 most critical disasters in the last 20 years, 27 of which are earthquakes, Soylu noted that the earthquake is currently among the deadliest natural disasters in the world.

Pointing out that the earthquake should not be forgotten and that it is necessary to be prepared for an earthquake, Soylu stated that it is of great importance for the citizens to turn off the switch, cut off the gas and go to the assembly areas urgently in case of an earthquake.

Underlining that cars should not be used while going to the assembly area, Soylu said:

“The number of assembly centers in Turkey is 27,800, of which 75 percent has sewerage infrastructure, electricity and water. In Istanbul, 56 percent have it. We will have completed 100 percent of them as AFAD in one year in Istanbul. Citizens In the event of a disaster, it should move from assembly centers to shelters. Apart from these preparations, we also have a mobile AFAD system, namely the cellular message system. It sounds like a siren, the purpose of this system is to raise awareness. We also have the HAY system. The mobile system takes us to the collection area by navigation after the earthquake. “We have three pillars regarding earthquakes and disasters during an earthquake. The first is to demonstrate our capacities before the earthquake, the second during the earthquake, and the third after the earthquake.”

“Turkey learned a lesson from the 1999 earthquake”

Pointing out that natural disasters have increased fourfold all over the world since 1980, Soylu said, “Turkey learned a lesson from the 1999 earthquake. Laws, institutions and measures have been put forward. We have faced many natural disasters in the last 2.5 years. We are running towards disaster. We do this as all state capacity, non-governmental organizations, local administrations, special provincial administrations, municipalities. Even once, ‘Where is this state?’ “In the last 2 years, we have built 61 thousand disaster houses. These disaster houses used to be gray houses, now they were built as luxury houses as we all live, and 41 thousand have now been delivered.” he said.

Explaining that if 1 investment is made before the earthquake and disaster, 7 costs after the earthquake and disaster can be eliminated on one occasion, Soylu said, “The cost of the 17 August earthquake to Turkey is between 15-17 billion dollars. According to that period, this figure is approximately 6 percent of Turkey’s Gross National Product. si.” said.

Soylu explained their preparations for the earthquake as follows:

“There are preparations we have made in Istanbul. About 2,500 public buildings in Istanbul, including 33 hospitals and 1300 schools. Assembly areas in Istanbul have increased from 2,864 to 5,633. Our shelter capacity in Istanbul It has reached 1 million 390 thousand 172 people. This year is the year of disaster drills, we are conducting 54 thousand 300 drills and reaching millions of our citizens. We will continue to do exercises until the end of the year. We will hold a national and international exercise in October.”

“We have hundreds of thousands of volunteers”

Stating that they coordinated well together with non-governmental organizations and public institutions in Turkey and carried out the rescue operations successfully, Soylu said, “We have hundreds of thousands of volunteers. 81 provinces in Turkey have risk reduction plans. “The risk of independent sections has been determined and 408,298 of these sections have been demolished. The rest are being demolished. Every building that we see as a risk is trying to be freed from risk by the relevant ministry.” made its assessment.

Minister Soylu stated that the state works with all its ability and capacity in every part of Turkey regarding earthquakes and said, “Citizen asks for help, remedy and mercy from the state in difficult times. He coordinates all of us with his experience in earthquakes and disasters. AFAD also carries out its works in coordination with all our institutions. I hope God will not test us with such a big test again.” included the description.

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