TÜRKPATENT registered HepsiJet’s ‘invention that shortens delivery times’

“Multi-vehicle route optimization”, which shortens the delivery times of HepsiJet, one of the strategic investments of Hepsiburada, has been registered by TÜRKPATENT.

According to the statement made by Hepsiburada, the invention, which includes the “multi-vehicle route optimization” developed by HepsiJet engineers, largely eliminates many problems related to cargo routing. The solution in question allows users to access the delivery management system with a mobile application or a website application and to deliver orders within the time interval determined by the ordering buyer terminal, thanks to the transactions performed in an optimization module.

If there is more than one type of delivery vehicle at the point of receiving the order, this innovative system, which allows the shipments to be grouped according to the priority order and the vehicle types in line with the limits of the destinations, has been registered by TURKPATENT.

“Provides speed and efficiency in deliveries”

This innovation, which creates a model according to the priority degrees of the shipments by creating a distance matrix between the receiving and delivery points of the orders, automatically excludes the shipments with addresses with uncertain latitude and longitude from the routing process. The system also allows adding special time parameters to the total route time in exceptional cases, confirming the routing with manual intervention when necessary, and viewing the created route plan via mobile and web applications. HepsiJet’s “multi-vehicle route optimization” provides high efficiency with innovative processes and solutions, taking into account possible problems and critical constraints for the delivery processes of cargo orders.

“In this invention that will significantly improve the efficiency and speed of HepsiJet’s cargo delivery operations, Hepsiburada engineers were inspired by the instinctive techniques of the miracle of nature used by ant colonies to carry food to their nests. In this system, which offers the optimum logistics route planning method, in addition to the shipment information, the location and location of the distribution center,” the statement said. vehicle information is also included in the planning.

All shipping information for the delivery point is then analyzed and in the process the vehicle information, order information and delivery address set are used as constraints for logistics route planning. An innovative multi-vehicle distribution scenario is achieved by calculating the delivery costs of each and making a one-stop call to all locations in the set of delivery addresses.

With the addition of parameters based on information about the total delivery volume to all this planning, the entire delivery process starts with the most efficient planned from A to Z, with the optimal number of vehicles that meet their requirements from the existing vehicles.”

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