Uncertainty energy saving plan goes into effect in Spain

On the first day of the plan, which caused uncertainties and debates in the country, it was seen that there were problems in implementation.

Within the scope of energy saving, the use of air conditioning in public buildings, commercial areas, large stores, transportation infrastructures such as airports, train and bus stations, cultural areas, hotels is limited to 27 degrees during the summer, as well as the windows of public buildings, stores and shopping centers after 22:00. The lights need to be turned off.

It was noted that the new rules were followed in some places and not in others.

Store, restaurant and hotel operators requested time for full implementation with clearer information in their statements to the press.

Government officials, who impose fines of 60 thousand euros for those who do not comply with the energy saving plan, and up to 100 million euros in case of very serious violations, announced that their aim is not to impose fines, but to show the necessary flexibility.

Recalling the recommendations made by the European Union, the United Nations or the International Energy Agency, government officials argued that there would be 7 percent energy savings per person in reducing air conditioners by just 1 degree in cooling or heating.

Hospitals, schools, gyms, hairdressers, laundries or lighting of cultural monuments are exempted from the new practice.

In addition, the plan, which limits air conditioners up to 19 degrees in winter, is expected to be implemented until November 1, 2023.

The local government in Madrid, where the main opposition right-wing People’s Party is in power, announced that it will appeal to the Constitutional Court regarding the new application.

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