VIDEO: Mr. Hussein and 72 of his relatives were commemorated in Karbala with ceremonies

Shiite Muslims in Iraq, Hz. It commemorates the murder of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Muhammad, in the seventh century.

Hz. Prayers and dirges were read for Hüseyin and his 72 relatives

Iraqi Shiite Muslims gathered at the entrance of Imam Hussein’s Tomb and performed the ritual of whipping themselves on their way to Ashura.

Explaining his feelings for Mikrofana, Abdul Hasan al-Nadda says:

“This mourning ritual was created in 2004, right after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, and since then there has been more and more events, thank God. Our activities include condolences and games. We will recreate the figures of Beni Ummaya and Beni Hashim. Thank God, many young people are joining every day. This is Hussein’s way. It will continue to shine. Whatever the circumstances, we will not leave this road.”

Another participant, Sayid al-Hakim, said:

“Praise be to Allah, the mourning rituals and processions are getting better every year with all its details. This year, by Allah’s permission, we welcome visitors from all over the world. Hopefully, Karbala will be at the service of the people. Especially the Ehl-i Beyt Service Association in the holy city of Karbala. “

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